Al-Shabab Promises To Burn Anybody Who Imports Turkish Goods Into Somalia Alive

The stressed militant group, Al-Shabab has warned all traders in the Southern Somali region of Lower Shabelle to refrain from dealing in goods produced in Turkey.

According to the pro-Islamist website Falaar reports, the militants promised to severely punish anyone who go contrary to this latest order.

The residents of the region were notified that any trader seen dealing in them would be “burnt alive”. Backing the new order, Al-Shabab says Turkey is in support of the Somali government, which it is fighting.

Earlier, the group hinted that Turkish imports to Somalia were destroying local businesses.

Agitated by the warning, several traders in the region expressed their concern over the recent ban, stating that it will do nothing but ruin the commercial activities in the area.

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They noted that if government does succeed in wiping Al-Shabaab soon, the order will hold and it will negatively affect their commercial activities.

Turkey and Turkish businessmen are making huge investments in Somalia, especially in the capital, Mogadishu.

The fight against al-shabaab has become very intense since it bombed KDF base in Somalia, killing a whooping but uncertain number of Kenyan troops. Even the group could testify that they have known no peace  following that very Friday raid in January. From constant bombardment to raids, the military have in full force come into conflict against the terror group.

In a span of one week, an airstrike that killed more than hundred of militant Islamist group al-Shabaab in Somalia, set to pass out from training camp to carry out brutal attack. Thereafter, came the raid by masked commandos that took Somalia’s militant Islamist group al-Shabaab unaware in its base, which prompted the terror group to start seizing suspected spies.

Again, at least 30 suspected members of militant Islamist group al-Shabaab were massacred in two separate fights with Somali and Kenyan forces. In fact, since al-Shabaab attacked KDF base in Somalia, the group could testify that they have known no peace. This goes to show  that the Kenyan Defence Forces’ (KDF) mission in Somalia is actually working.