Alliance High School

Horrific stories of bullying and torture have surfaced from one of the best school’s in Kenya, Alliance High School.

A joint report by the Teachers Service Commission and Ministry of Education found out that the high school, which is a top KCSE performer and boasts notable alumni, allowed the bullying of Form One students by seniors and prefects.

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The report found out that the ”bullying” was done during ”action nights” and ”induction sessions”.

A Form One student speaking to investigators, guidance and counseling staff and other Alliance High School administrators revealed that during the said induction sessions, seniors wake the juniors in the middle of the night to clean classrooms and bathrooms.

He said that juniors who were found reluctant to work were beaten up and punished by the prefects.

”They step on our backs, tell us to swim on grass and then lie on graves in the school graveyard,” the report quotes one Form One student saying.

Alliance High School

”On one night, I remember, I lay on the grave of one of the most famous principals called Carrey Francis Edward. We are also denied supper on Saturdays and some of us go without Sunday breakfast.”

Another student said the induction session left him with wounds all over his body while some other classmates broke their limbs.

”Some of the house captains told us they were our gods and that we should worship them. They told us to do impossible things — like swimming on grass or hugging light bulbs.”

Another student said he was woken up at 4am and ordered to sit on a toilet basin. He was then asked to draw a car before being told to get inside the drawing. He also said the seniors made them sing the national and school anthems in a reggae tune.

More than ten different students shared similar stories during the interviews.

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The bullying and torture stories came to light after police in Kiambu questioned the then principal of Alliance High School Mr. David Kariuki, a nurse, and other staff members after a boy whose name was not be revealed for legal reasons was taken to Kikuyu PCEA Mission Hospital near the school. bleeding profusely after a particularly savage beating.

The boy was said to be bleeding profusely after a heavy beating by prefects who pulled him out of the dormitory around 11pm and frogmarched to a classroom, where he was then beaten up.

It is a wonder how the top high school whose old boys include Senator Amos Wako, Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o, Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro, former Chief Justice Evan Gicheru and former Attorney-General Charles Njonjo have allowed such heinous acts to have been carried out for a very long time.