Syrian Refugee Boy

The Syrian Refugee Boy who was pictured at the back of an ambulance covered in blood and rubble has been offered a home by a six year old in America.

”He Will Be Our Brother” were the words written by the six year old, identified as Alex, who lives in Scarsdale, New York.

Alex wrote President Obama asking if the little Syrian boy could come and live with his family after the heart breaking photo of the boy went viral.

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Five-year-old Omran Daqdeesh, who has become the face of the horror conflict in Syria, touched the heart of millions of people all over the world. He was covered in blood and dust after his house in Aleppo was destroyed following a bomb blast.

Syrian Refugee Boy

Six year old Alex took matters into his hands and wrote the President, offering the little boy a home. Such acts of kindness reminds us that hatred is a learned emotion.

The letter partly read:

”Dear President Obama, remember the boy who was picked up by the ambulance in Syria? Can you please go get him and bring him to our home. We’ll be waiting for you guys with flags, flowers and balloons.”

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President Obama read Alex’s letter during a speech at the United Nations summit where world leaders gathered to discuss solutions to the global refugee crisis.

”He teaches us a lot,” Obama said, and continuing, he added:

”The humanity that a young child can display, who hasn’t learned to be cynical, or suspicious, or fearful of other people because of where they’re from, or how they look, or how they pray.. We can all learn from Alex.”

President Obama is urging developed nations to do more to help refugees from the Syrian crisis.

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The White House revealed in August that it had admitted 10,000 Syrian refugees to the country this year and plans to take another 110,000 in the 2017 financial year according to President Obama.

Watch the video of six year old Alex reading his letter to President Obama Below