Americans Are Angry With The Obama Supported New Oil Pipeline Project In Kenya

Obama has gone on against all odds to support the project of new oil pipilines in Kenya which has been estimated to be the beginning of many new improvements expected in the country.

However, Americans are angry with the new oil pipeline project in Kenya which Obama is in support of. They are frowning at the report that the U.S. Ambassador Robert Godec last week told Kenya’s energy minister that Washington would assist Nairobi in raising $18 billion to finance its PowerAfrika project. The alleged pipeline project would stretch from Kenya’s Rift Valley to Lamu on the coast. According to the statement issued by Mr. Godec “Kenya needs $18 billion worth of financing.

Quoting Robert: “So one of the questions we are discussing is how we can work together with the private sector and government to raise that sum, to find ways to make certain that this financing becomes available.”

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This however got Americans furious and had them citing Obama’s double standard on pipelines in both Kenya and America. According to their comments, the same Obama’s Administration that defiantly rejected the Keystone XL pipeline seems to have no problem supporting a new oil pipeline project in Kenya.

This has seen Americans complaining that Obama’s double tenure has done more damage to America than good given that even though Kenya and Northeast Africa could surely use the investment and jobs that would come from the oil project, so could the United States. But Obama chose to favor Africa rather than America.

Reports also say that TransCanada (one of the continent’s largest providers of gas storage and related services) which proposed the Keystone XL pipeline (Phase IV) project revealed it is serving an international arbitration case against the U.S. for not treating the Canadian company the way it would an American company, as it is obliged to do under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The company disclosed that their intention is to recover some $15 billion in costs for the damages done to the company by the regulatory barriers the U.S. imposed on the investment.

They accused President Obama of overlooking multiple reviews that showed the investment would cause no environmental harm, and still rejected the pipeline on arbitrary political grounds.

TransCanada additionally filed a suit in a U.S. federal court claiming that Mr. Obama’s decision to hinder Keystone was beyond his constitutional authority.

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Meanwhile, U.S. taxpayers are allegedly watching out to see if their dollars are going to be used to finance the Kenyan project.

They’re accusing Obama of being partial asking whether climate change isn’t a global problem, or whether it does not matter where it is (so long as it is on this planet) suggesting that even Obama does not believe his own lies.

Some other people took it to heart and said that the new Kenyan oil pipeline will only increase graft by 57%, corruption by 34% and bribery by 61%, and ironically, boost the economy of Kenya and Africa at large.