Talents have wasted and gone down the drain as years go by. People in developed countries like UK and the US bring up new shows yearly where people get to show off their talents to the world and even get endorsement deals in the process.

The lack of a platform (and resources?) has in due part hindered the same from happening here. But not anymore!

Talent guru Joe Kariuki has introduced something amazing for all the gifted persons out there. Yea, Joe brought a freakish event that will take place in Naivasha – it goes by the name Amsha Mama.

Conceptualized and prepared for sometime before being announced, Amsha Mama aims at rewarding, recognizing and restoring the Art Industry of Kenya.


The show is in fact like our own version of Britain’s Got Talent or even America’s Got Talent. The event will allow a collection of more than 1000 acts to compete in one of the most thrilling and inspiring talent explosions ever seen.

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Already craving to showcase your talent? The requirements are simple; send your name, age, phone number and the gift in you to get your name shortlisted.

Also, you are required to let the organizers know what makes you different, that is, your talent. This will enable you to make the list swiftly.

People with really special talents will be shortlisted among the many acts who will be performing on that day.

Are you ready for the show down? Well all you need do is to kindly send those details to the short code 22699 and you’re encouraged to make your submission as soon as possible.

Amazingly, the event has provided over 500 (you read it right, 500) open performing spaces, and they include; Dancers, Rappers, Poets, Singers, Bands, Magicians, Acrobats,Theater acts, illusionist, Spoken Word Artists, Comics and pretty much all kinds of performing talent ever created.

The winner of the event will be selected and there is no corruption in this. The winners are to be selected by a panel of judges with deep expertise and they will be the best among the different categories.

Though it might be a little difficult task considering the outpouring of talent that will come from the participant. But worry not, the judges can handle it.

The judges will reward the winners with impressive gifts and excellent prizes that will surely light up their world. And one of these amazing giveaways will be a record deal.

The event will be covered and transmitted Live by a major TV station to thousands of viewers across the 47 counties. So don’t worry about location, it will be televised nationwide.

Additionally, all media organizations including; TV, Radio, Blogs-shall be present as well. All  catching all the moments of the event with their curious camera  while bringing all the talents/stars of the day to focus.

So where are all those cool fellas who have been mailing me to help write about them and showcase their work? Here is  a golden chance. Hurry up and register now!!!!! Send your name,phone number,your artistic talent and the reason you wish to be part of this grand event to 22699 and come be crowned in the most majestic manner ever!