ODM Nominations

Lisamula Anami has lost his re-election bid to former MP Justus Kizito Mugali in repeat ODM nominations on Friday.

The returning officer, Bishop William Abuka declared Mr Mugali the winner after the former MP swept 13,904 votes while the incumbent got 6,660.

Nevertheless, results from three polling stations were not included in the result at the time of the pronouncement. Thus, Mr Anami rejected the results announced by the returning officer. Anami said the returning officer should address the issue of the 2400 marked ballot papers found in the possession of deputy returning officer who was arrested on Friday night. He insisted that the elections were fake and must be investigated.

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“There were no elections in Shinyalu. We cannot accept what happened since the repeat nominations were a sham and a mockery of the wishes voters in Shinyalu. I’m holding consultations with my supporters on the next cause of action,” said Mr Anami.

The incumbent lawmaker said the returning officer should be investigated following his readiness to declare the results before investigating the incident involving marked ballot papers. These papers were reportedly found in the possession of a deputy presiding officer.

“We are aware the deputy presiding officer had been going round the constituency marking ballot papers and stuffing ballot boxes in favour of my opponent and I cannot accept the results,” Mr Anami added.

The earlier primaries were cancelled and repeat nominations were ordered by the ODM National Elections Board after Mr Anami challenged the elections, citing irregularities during the process. He insisted that voters in his strongholds were locked out of the primaries due to delay to deliver election materials.

Notwithstanding, the returning officer Mr Abuka said he did the job he was assigned to do in Shinyalu. He added that the result of the repeat ODM Nominations in the township is the voice of the people.

“The ODM election board gave me a job to do and I have done my best to ensure the process is credible and smooth so that voters in Shinyalu get the opportunity to express their democratic choice,” said Mr Bishop Abuka.

Notably, the repeat primaries were remarkably peaceful though there was an incident involving a Kakamega cleric arrested on Friday night with 10 booklets and some marked ballot papers packed in a carton in his car. The Bishop confirmed that the cleric had been appointed as a deputy presiding officer in one of the polling stations in Shinyalu.

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Subsequently, the cleric was arrested by youths and was alleged to be involved in a scheme to stuff ballot boxes during the repeat primaries.

To ensure that justice is served, Shinyalu police boss, Joseph Chebii said the cleric and another suspect caught during the repeat ODM Nominations will be arraigned in court next week.