Angry Mob In Manyatta Kill Man For Raping 50-Year Old Single Mother

Kennedy Mukundi, 20, was lynched on Sunday by an angry mob in Manyatta village for allegedly raping a single woman, 50, old enough to be his mother.

James Karisa, Embu North OCPD, verified the episode. He stated that the suspect made his way into the house of the unsuspecting mother, knocking her out with a blunt weapon, before going on to rape her.

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The victim, whose name was withheld by the authorities, had heard him walking around outside her house, and not knowing what to make of it, she had opened the door to find out who was out there. The young man then raced past her into the house. By the time she turned, he had a weapon in his hand. Then he smacked her, knocking her unconscious.

The woman soon regained consciousness, James Karisa explained further. And when she noticed she had been taken advantage of, she raised alarm. It was not difficult to gather attention, and the young man, Kennedy Mukundi, was subsequently mobbed and severely beaten to within inches of his life.

The police arrived on scene, dragging him away from the angry crowd, but they were too late. Kennedy Mukundi died shortly after being taken to the Embu Level Five hospital.

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Karisa warned however, that the police are on the vigilance, and are going to be swift in action against any such perversion. He also affirmed that incidents similar to this one, of young men attacking single older women with the aim of raping them are becoming increasingly common in the area.

He advised women who live alone to be careful and to make sure that their houses are locked at all times to prevent intruders from taking advantage of them. He also advised them to call the attention of the authorities as soon as they can.