Fresh Discovery: Two Lions Seen In Kitengela

It seems lions are beginning to crave built areas like humans or now want us to start keeping them as pets with the way they are appearing in usual places these days. Two lions were spotted in Kitengela – less than two days after a famous lion was killed in Isinya after it clawed on a man. 

Kenya Wildlife Service officers revealed their team had gone searching with a chopper, alongside veterinary officers, to find the roaming animals. But members of the public are allegedly planning to murder it when it is found.

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The lions were first spotted at the Tom Mboya monument outside the National Archives at about 4am before they made their way to the Dedan Kimathi monument.

Hours later, it was thought that the lions went in search of protruding surfaces in an effort to absorb some of the warmth of the rising sun. A night guard, Wanambisi Labo, hinted that the lions were afraid of the Tom Mboya monument when bus engines shone light at the popular Ambassador stage.

However, the lions couldn’t stay outside Kimathi monument for too long as the day got brighter, adding that the foot and vehicle traffic got heavier. As of yet the lions are said to be wandering within Kitengela area.

Some social media users have suggested that the two lions probably female had come out to search for already dead Mohawk. Another user suggested that wildlife operators need to tag the animal with a Global Positioning System (GPS) devices to make it easier for them to determine their locations at a particular time. The user added that by the device will also help in knowing promptly when they wander off their abode.

But there is a user who thinks the lions are being chased out deliberately. The user questioned why it is always lions that wander off even though the animal is known to follow its prey.

Mohawk, an iconic 13-year-old lion, was killed after KWS rangers at 9am on Wednesday rained bullets on its legs and stomach bullets.

The lion believed to have wandered out of Nairobi National Park on Tuesday night was seen in Isinya Plains near County Resort, some 15km south of the park.

Pictures and video on social media showed the lion roaming about on a grassy area close to the fence of the park at around 9am. They also showed locals who crowded around it watching where he would head to.

KWS officials said killing was the best option for the already irked lion as tranquilizing it would have caused deadlier damages.

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