Graduate Lands Interview After ‘Begging’ For Job At Traffic Lights

A jobless South African graduate, Anthea Malwandle who studied chemical engineering has attracted the attention of some CEOs from big firms after standing at a busy intersection in Johannesburg, South Africa with a placard, begging for job.

A photo of Anthea Malwandle, a BTech: Chemical Engineering graduate, was shared on social media, after she stood at a busy intersection advertising the urgency for her to get a job. Her bold step drew several calls from prospective employers.

Malwandle completed her degree at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) in 2015. Before her graduation, she never thought that her job-seeking journey would be so harrowing.

Anthea Malwandle

She began hunting for graduate and internship programmes since April last year, but could not get hold of any. She then decided to do a lone protest by taking to the streets to sell herself after calling many companies and visiting their offices to try schedule interview appointments, but to no avail.

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Malwandle’s story has moved many graduates who have now gone the same way, carrying about placards begging CEOs to consider them for one job or the other. The determined woman says that she would love to work for petrochemical companies in the production of energy fuels.

Touched by her struggle, a Sasol employee called into the Early Breakfast Show to request a meeting with her. While the world unemployment rate is widely growing annually and most people are staying idle and completely in lack, self-employment seems to best solution to the big need.

Although our universities are supposed to train graduates who get into the society and create jobs, we have seen the failure of the African educational system in achieving that. So while we may want to follow suit to end up like Anthea Malwandle, we should instead put ourselves in the position of the CEO who would make the invite in such instant, and create the jobs.