Anti-Doping Agency Of Kenya: Reports In Germany Indicate Corruption And Collusion To Cheat

Germany’s Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) has reported that the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya is corrupt.

In a report on July 30, the television broadcasting company noted that ADAK was corrupt and colluding with athlete managers to cover up large scale doping in the country.

ZDF released a seven-minute video with an anonymous source purporting to be an Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya manager. The manager detailed how the entire agency is involved in the scheme as athletes take Performance Enhancing Drugs.

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He further alleges that Testing Officers at the agency are bribed by Frederico Rosa who is one of the top athletes’ managers so as to cover up doping activities.

ADAK CEO Japhter Rugut released a statement on Wednesday denying the allegations. He called the contents of the seven-minute long video innuendos that should be ignored.

“We also wish to dispel the notion that the Agency is a haven for corruption. As a State Agency established under the Anti-Doping Act, 2016 ADAK is founded on a platform of integrity which is also one of our core values,” he said.

Rugut said they have a legal mandate of promoting participation in sport, free from doping in order to protect the health and well-being of competitors.

“Similarly, our staff are characterized by outstanding high morals and their actions are guided by adherence to the requirements of Chapter Six of the Kenyan Constitution,” he said.

He said the agency did not have the power to cover up a positive doping case. He also added that it is among the many stakeholders in the anti-doping tests cycle.

“Samples are analyzed only in WADA accredited laboratories. Before approving any such laboratory, WADA will ensure it meets the high analytical and custodial standards required.”

“We have a private laboratory where samples collected from athletes, analyzed and the results only revealed to them.”

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This is not the first time ZDF has accused Kenyan athletes of doping. In the past, the German broadcaster has released a series of documentaries that depict foul play on Kenyan athletes especially days to international events.

Several Kenyan athletes have missed international races and the Olympics after failing doping tests in recent months.

The country’s reputation has been tarnished internationally with more than 40 doping cases being recorded in the last four years.

The International Association of Athletics Federations has now demanded that each Kenyan athlete must submit to three urine tests and one blood test.