Many married or engaged Kenyan public figures, particularly men, no matter how much they trade-off at home to ensure long-standing marriage or relationship — would rather become dead than be seen in public with their partners! While most of them prefer the love that dare not speak its name outside their homes, these couples have over the years, proven that true love knows how to speak its name way beyond boundaries.

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These few free-spirited couples below are charmingly ready to express even their slightest affection toward their partners in public places. They have had no problem letting the public know that their love is ever surviving. In return, their fans often regard them as stunning, joyful, happy, among other praiseworthy descriptions. However, the big question is: Does public demonstration of affection prove that they are the happiest and most romantic couples in Kenya? Well, below are Kenya’s 10 most publicly romantic couples.

10. Phillip and Agnes Murgor


This couple are just what can be referred to as a ‘power law couple’. During the time Justice Murgor was in the firm which she established and Phillip joined her later to form Murgor&Murgor, her hubby disclosed she handled completely different roles so the question of crossing paths did not come up. Justice Agnes Murgor and her Wildlife Direct chair and ‘learned friend’ husband Philip Murgor, are occasionally seen at expensive get-togethers posing to the cameras for photos.

9. Michael Ranneberger and Ruth Konchellah


Former US ambassador to Kenya, Michael Ranneberger met his wife Ruth Konchellah, a charity worker while on an official duty in Trans Mara in the early days of his tenure. They later got married in a low-key civil ceremony at the Attorney General’s office in Nairobi in 2013. The couple has since been seen in public places including an Italian restaurant in the CBD and driving around in a silver Subaru Imprezza. Despite his social status, Michael has always brought it to the notice of the public how much he adores and respects his wife as can be seen in his words below:

“While attending a women’s rights event in a small village of Enoosen in Trans Mara, I was impressed by the way she talked on behalf of women. I took notice. On a personal level, I have been fortunate to become a king to a certain lady, and she became a queen to me. That, to me, is a very fulfilling experience….”

Konchellah went further to confirm in an interview earlier this year that she and Ranneberger were partners.

8. Isaac Mwaura and Nelius Rwamba


Isaac Mwaura really caught the attention he needed when he posted photos of himself bent on one knee as his now fiancée, Nelius Rwamba, looked on overwhelmed by surprise. ODM nominated MP, Isaac Mwaura even went public in his engagement as he knelt before down at a public event to put the ring on Nelius’ finger (and guess what? She said yes!).

7. Catherine Ndereba and Anthony Maina


Catherine, a Kenyan marathon runner met her better half, Anthony Maina at the training college for prison workers where Maina was part of the prisons athletics team. Though she is a successful woman, she never disregards her husband; even when her hubby was a mere corporal and she was already cruising through the high waters of senior sergeant. She could have easily demonstrated her seniority over him but she chose to remain humble. As luck would have it, her husband didn’t have to salute her that often because Maina worked in prison department headquarters while Catherine was a telephone operator at the Nairobi West prison. Anthony who is now a helicopter pilot is said to be training with his special woman whenever he is high up in the sky doing his job. The couple also jog and workout together.

6. Collins and Chebet Injera

Collins-and-Chebet Injera

Apart from playing rugby, Collins Injera is a family man. The rugby player is always saying good things about his wife, Chebet Limo. He even graced the cover of Drum magazine with his wife and kids in which spoke wonderful things about his wife. Earlier in the year, Collins missed the fifth round of the HSBC Rugby Sevens World Series. The Kenya Sevens Rugby deputy captain came back to be by his wife’s side as they were expecting their second child. Collins is definitely a strong believer of love that speaks its name publicly as he often flaunts photos of his wife and two daughters on social media pages describing them as “the people I work for”.