Jubilee Officials

David Murathe and other Jubilee officials have pitched into Rasana’s recent comment about bringing down President Uhuru’s portrait from all the offices of CORD governors. Jubilee leaders opine for the immediate arrest of Cornel Rasanga as well as his prosecution that will see him face charges for treason. 

Cornel Rasanga dared the incumbent power earlier when he urged CORD Governors to take away the President’s portrait and get it replaced with the Opposition leader’s.

He recommended they only need to hang their own portraits as Governors and Raila’s. This in other words mean ‘no single honor’ should go to the current President, Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Siaya Governor said all the 24 Governors should show respect and honour to CORD leadership by putting up the CORD leader’s portrait in place of the President’s.

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The National Vice Chairperson of Jubilee Alliance Party, David Murathe described such action as illegal, hinting it is not in the right of any Kenyan to ask for the replacement of the President’s portrait with an unelected leader.

In a phone call, David Murathe told The Star on Monday.

The Governor should be arrested immediately and charged with treason. His statement is an attempt to overthrow an elected President

He should be in by now [sic]. This reckless talk must not be tolerated. Action must be taken for any leader and individual to respect the Presidency.

Adding to David Murathe’s statement, Deputy secretary general Caleb Kositany kicked out at Rasanga, saying he

…stooped too low while there are pressing development issues.

He can say what he wants to and do as he likes but Uhuru remains the elected head of state.

George Ayugi, a URP activist also stood his ground and hinted the President must be protected at all costs given he is the symbol of national unity.

Respecting the Presidency is not a favour any Kenyan is doing Uhuru; it is the law.

URP youth league Vice President Victor Ayugi called on the leaders to desist from making rash and incautious statements, adding that the laws that ban treason can’t just be overlooked.

He blamed CORD leader Raila Odinga for not scolding Rasanga for his reckless and heedless remarks at the memorial service for Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Fidel Odinga in Bondo on Saturday, at which the statement was made.

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