Several Arrested Over $3M Cocaine Haul In Kenya

There have been arrests after a ship was caught with cocaine said to be worth more than $3m (£2.2m).

A Briton and two Kenyans were bundled off on Monday for their roles in the Sh360 million cocaine haul seized at the Mombasa port. They were captured in a carefully planned operation on Saturday and were taken to an unnamed location in Nairobi to help with investigations.

Police blocked the containers that had the drugs immediately it reached the transit to Uganda. The three were grilled in Nairobi by some anti-drugs agencies from the US and Kenyan anti-narcotics officers.

The case had shocked Kenyans as the ship was sneaked out of Mombasa port after fears that it would be razed down by fire. It is unclear who moved the ship, but however, the vessel was covered like it was importing brown sugar from Brazil.

Sources with knowledge of the incident linked them to a drug smuggling cartel which trades in highly valued cocaine from Brazil. The three had been on the radar of foreign and local anti-narcotics authorities for months.

Arrests over $3m kenya's cocaine haul

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The drugs, reported to have been shipped from South America, reached the port on July 27. The vessel contained Sh360m cocaine. It was siezed, but it is reported to have gone ‘missing’ from Mombasa port.

The Sh360 million cocaine haul seized at the Mombasa port on Friday was allegedly to be delivered to a drug baron who is operating within Kenya and Tanzania.

Sources who sought anonymity said that the drugs might have been loaded in Oman.

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Reports say the Mediterranean shipping company (MSC) revealed that the vessel carrying the drugs MSC Letizia V. SS621R was packed with 18-by-20 containers among others each containing 520 bags of brown sugar.

It also indicated that the cargo was destined to Mshalle commodities, Bugolobi industrial area, Uganda. The vessel left the Port of Santos in Brazil on 10th June 2016.

Sources added that Inspector General Joseph Boinnet and other top security agents might be traveling to Mombasa to investigate the seized Cocaine.