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Opposition leader Raila Odinga has come out for yet another time to allege that there are plans to assassinate Mombasa governor Hassan Joho. According to the  CORD leader, the plans to assassinate Joho is as a result of his strong stance against the government style of Jubilee.

Speaking in Isebania town in Migori county on Thursday, January 19, he said:

“People who killed businessman Jacob Juma now want to kill Mr. Joho because of his political stand. Let them try.”

This is not the first time that allegations are being brought forward on the planned assassination of Joho. In March last year, Tudor MCA Patrick Simuyu had made the same claim, stating that like JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko, and Bishop Alexander Muge, the Governor is facing a similar persecution.

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The issue has therefore brought to the fore some very important issues such as:

Who Wants to Assassinate Joho?

While according to Odinga and  Simuyu, the government is behind the plot, meanwhile the government has consistently denied any such plans. According to Mombasa County Commissioner, such claims are only meant to create tension, without necessarily anything going amiss.

Why They Want Him Dead

Although he remains very outspoken against the Jubilee government and its policies, Joho’s party believes that is not the only reason why he has become a target. They state that his position as the deputy leader of the party, which has made him important in national politics, is another reason.

Political Killings 

There have been some killings in the country which have been associated to politics. The one most popular, and easily used as to what could happen to Joho was the assassination of businessman, Jacob Juma. While there are some that believe his killing could be as a result of other things, a majority believe the strong supporter of Mr Odinga was killed for political reasons.

Other political killings in the country date back to the 1990s.

The Coming Elections

The entire buzz is as regards the coming elections this year. Although there is increasing growth for the opposition and a slight fall for the Jubilee party, it is very hard to give the day to either side. More so, within both parties, there are internal strifes.

At the moment, the ruling party is claiming it is going to win the elections, the opposition is as well claiming it has 11 thousand votes at its disposal.