Anti-Terrorism Police Unit Officers In Malindi Arrest Seven Terror Suspects

Anti-Terrorism Police Unit officers in Malindi have arrested seven suspected terrorists in a house raid on Friday night.

The house raid was carried out by heavily armed ATPU officers in both uniforms and plain clothes. They blocked all roads leading in and out of Shella area in Malindi where the house was located behind the old law courts.

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The officers combed the area before storming into the house with torches.

According to a 13-year-old relative of the seven suspected terrorists who escorted journalists into the house the next day, the officers ordered everyone to lie on the ground and asked his father to identify himself.

”We were in the sitting room upstairs with my brothers, sisters, mother and father when we heard a loud bang at the gate. We met flashlights and guns when we went downstairs.”

The boy’s sister cried out as he narrated the ordeal to journalists.

Among those arrested were their father, mother, three sisters, and a female cousin. The seventh suspect is another relative who was apprehended 300 meters from the house.

The minor noted that one of the policemen told them not to worry as they were looking for “something small” and promised that their parents would return after a short while.

”We did not sleep the whole night hoping to see our parents and other relatives but nothing has happened.”

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An 80-year-old woman found in the living room said she was roughed up by the officers who ordered her to surrender all her documents including passports.

She said the agents shot in the air upon arrival and demanded to know who she was and who she was staying with.

”I was beaten when I tried standing up after hearing someone crying upstairs.”

Malindi police chief Matawa Muchangi said a police report and statement will be issued in the coming days.