Awiti Launches Bid For Mombasa Guber, Says Raila Cannot Stop Him

Nyali MP Hezron Awiti has declared interest in the Mombasa governor seat. He bawled at CORD leader Raila Odinga for “sticking his nose in the region’s politics.”

Awiti said he can neither be intimidated nor be bent to submit and ordered Raila to let locals choose their own leader. He further assured that the CORD leader will not stop him from winning the governorship of Mombasa in the next election.

This response is as a result of Raila’s remark last year, asking Awiti to stop campaigning for the seat that is currently held by Hassan Joho.

While speaking to his supporters at Changamwe on Sunday, Awiti also dismissed the reports he was going to deputize businessman Suleiman Shahbal in the approaching general election as claimed earlier.

He said:

I will not deputize anyone. I am going for the seat.

He didn’t  mention who his deputy will be, but speculations say it is very likely of Awiti  joining forces with Mombasa senator Hassan Omar.

It is unclear how Awiti intends to achieve if the rumor turns out to be true given that Omar has also declared his intention to contest for the same seat.

The two politicians were elected on the Kalonzo Musyoka-led Wiper Democratic Movement Party ticket.

Awiti said he intends to vie on a Wiper ticket even in the midst of all the plans to block from getting the ticket.

In his words:

They are planning to block me as they want to plant their own.

My decision to vie was made after wide consultations with relevant stakeholders, and what I have said will be fulfilled.

The Nyali MP promised to solve so many challenges the region is currently facing if elected, including insecurity, poor drainage, poor education system, dwindling trade and tax evasion. According to him, a group of powerful business people in Mombasa use their positions to avoid paying taxes.

In his words:

Within 90 days after my election, I will ensure that security has been restored in Mombasa. We all know who are causing chaos and I will deal with them.

We will also stop the cry of Mijikendas. We shall reclaim their lands that were grabbed.