Babu Owino Arrested For Insulting Kuria’s Mother

Babu Owino, aspiring politician and student leader warned Gatundu MP, Moses Kuria of dire consequences following the MP’s remark about the possibility for opposition leader to be gunned down for the sake of the peace in the nation.

Owino in a statement, ripped the MP apart, telling Kuria that Raila is not his mother’s boyfriend and that he has no right to talk to the CORD leader as he did.

Owino added that his henchmen were launching a manhunt and would deal with Kuria as soon as they found him.

Here Is The Video: 

After the video went viral, IG Boinnet who has vowed to arrest people spreading hate speech throughout the country then ordered the arrest of Babu.

Nairobi University student leader Babu Owino was arrested and was held at Kilimani police station. About 2000 students from the University of Nairobi blocked Valley Road as they marched to the police station. The students demanded the release of Babu Owino and the arrest of Kuria instead.

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The threat against Kuria by Owino was after the burning MP had claimed Raila Odinga could be killed. Kuria told church goers that if Raila was shot dead, the country would still move on, in a matter of weeks. The statement has annoyed a lot of Kenyans and had the MP face grilling by the police over hate speech.

According to Kuria in his native Kikuyu language.

We won’t be troubled by one person forever. He can as well bite the bullet and we bury him next Monday. His protesters will throw stones for just one week and life continues. If it’s war they want it’s what they’ll get. Tell Raila he can bite the bullet but if they want peace they should come and let us negotiate”. 

Ferdinard Waititu also was linked to hate speech for asking for the forceful circumcision of all the Luos living in Nairobi.

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Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri was earlier recorded calling for the eviction from Nakuru, members of the Luo community and anyone who showed allegiance to Raila and CORD.

The remarks prompted CORD leaders Junnet Mohammed, Timothy Bosire, Aisha Jumwa and Johnstone Muthama to give similar comment, threatening to rally their supporters to defend themselves.

Recall that Owino was arrested nearly two months ago for assault and was arraigned in court in May 5, 2016, for assaulting his university election rival Mike Jacobs, after a video of the incident went viral on the internet.