Babu Owino Assault Against Mike Jacobs Costs Him The Unexpected

Police packed up Sonu chairman Babu Owino on Wednesday night for reportedly assaulting his rival Mike Jacobs.

According to Kilimani DCI boss Phyllis Kanina, the leader of University of Nairobi Students assaulted his rival Mike Jacobs in Kileleshwa in March. Owino was arrested after a video showing him and an unidentified male friend slapping Jacobs emerged on social media and went viral. The student leader was detained overnight at Kilimani police station and is to appear in court on Thursday for assault.

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Last month, Owino won the Sonu chairmanship in a seriously contested union elections, defeating Jacobs. The opponent dismissed the result, saying he engaged in malpractices. The marred elections then caused violent protests by University of Nairobi students which led to widespread protests.

The agitation saw students flood the street in protests while burning Sonu offices and Mamlaka hostel. Police agitation lasted for four days before the institution was closed with tens of students including Jacobs either suspended or expelled.


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At the same time, some students vowed to stage mass protests on Thursday between Kilimani and Nairobi CBD to push for Owino’s release.


Owino, currently pursuing a second degree at UoN where he is a 3rd year student, also intends to vie for the Embakasi East parliamentary seat. Now Babu is facing charges of causing grievous harm to his opponent Mike Jacobs.

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Prior to his arrest, Babu Owino who is supposedly Uhuru’s friend pledged his support for CORD leader Raila Odinga, stating that he has endorsed him as his own candidate. The young politician revealed that he has been a fan of Raila and has tried so hard in helping to take him to the State House’s seat.

Urging people to get registered in order to be qualified to vote for Raila, Owino noted he will contest for Embakasi East MP against incumbent John Ogutu.