See List of Pro-Gay Cartoons Banned By KFCB Chief

Banned Gay Cartoons – 6 pro-gay cartoons aired on Multichoice DSTV have ben banned by the Chief Executive of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Mr Ezekiel Mutua.

Mr Mutua said he made the decision after investigating complaints made to the board by members of the public. He said the board’s findings revealed that the programmes were “normalising, glamorising or even glorifying homosexual behaviour.”

Mutua said in a statement that the board has written to Multichoice to cease with immediate effect the airing of such programmes as it kicks against the country’s moral values.

His statement reads; “The board has with immediate effect written to Multichoice limited, the owners of DSTV to cease with immediate effect the airing of such obnoxious and inappropriate material that targets children and seeks to impair their moral judgement on the institution of the family.”

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Mr Mutua also called on parents to monitor the programmes their kids watch and not hesitate to alert the board of any unacceptable content.

He said; “We urge parents to monitor their kids’ programmes on pay TV channels and inform the board of any unpalatable content.”

Mutua backed up his decision by referring to Article 11 of the Kenya Constitution pointing out that homosexuality is against the nation’s culture.

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“Article 11 of our Constitution recognises culture as the foundation of the nation and the cumulative civilisation of the Kenya people. Homosexuality is not our culture and children must be protected from such foreign retrogressive and bizarre practices.”

The KFBC boss also stressed that marriage is between a man and a woman and that homosexuality must be condemned.

“Marriage is a Union between two people of the opposite sex and attempt by the media to teach our children that a man marrying a woman is ok must be condemned,” he said.

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Of the 6 banned Gay Cartoons, three air on Cartoon Network (CN) and three others on the Nickelodeon channel.

The Banned Gay Cartoons in Kenya Include;

Airing on Cartoon Network

Adventure Time


Steven Universe

Airing on Nickelodeon

The Legend of Korra

Loud House

Hey Arnold

Last year, Google Kenya declined the KFCB’s appeal to take down a pro-gay video from YouTube. Google’s reason was that their Kenya branch does not administer services on the music site, therefore, it was without capacity to control content.