Videos: Barack Obama Entertains Guests With Special Song On Daughter’s 18th Birthday

The eldest daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s two children, Malia, turned 18 on 4th of July. As you would expect, Malia’s 18th birthday celebration was highly echo-making.

Born the same day the United States celebrates Independence Day, the White House celebrated the two events; country’s military, as well as Obama’s daughter Malia’s 18th birthday.

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The party of the elegant lady as she officially became an adult featured a cast of stars including her father’s most loved rapper, Kendrick Lamar, and singer Janelle Monae.

Her dad made it even more memorable as he led guests in singing her the birthday song.

Watch The Videos Below:


Over the years, Malia has shown poise and grace while appearing with her high-profile family in public, and like her mother, has also worn a variety of stylish looks. Before Malia’s 18th birthday, she has always kept the composure of an adult that many regarded her as one already.

In 2015, when Malia Obama had turned 17, a Maasai Moran by the name Kiprono Mategi offered 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats as her bride price. At the same time, another Maasai offered 500 cows as a counter offer for the lass’ hand in marriage

After the news made it online, it went viral, with many social media users mocking the men for asking the first daughter of the free world to marry them. Many blasted their offers on social media as they were said to be targeting a child considering they were “full grown adults” and had no business looking at 16-year-old.

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However, now, if they wanted to make an offer, maybe Malia might just listen since she just attained the legal minimum requirement age of 18, to get married without adult consent.

Malia was only 10 years old when her father became the U.S. leader for the first time in 2008. His second term ends next January, following the upcoming election in November.

Malia had graduated high school but will not be starting college immediately like the rest of her mates. According to the White House, Malia plans to take a gap year. She has, however, been accepted to college—Harvard University and will begin her studies in fall of 2017.