So it’s that time of the year again towards the end of the year when we come up with lists like this, after weeks of compilation, surveys and reviews. We’ve decided to bring you a comprehensive list of 20 Most Beautiful Kenyan Women For 2014. You’ll probably agree with me that coming up with a list like this can be very hard to come up with since we have so many wonderful and strikingly beautiful ladies all around Kenya starting with our moms, and our sisters if you will. Now let’s get straight to the point

When it comes to beauty, Kenyan women takes the lead. With their tall and elegant looks, you’ll have no option but to nod in approval whenever you come across one. Whenever Kenya is mentioned, most people think if the East African country in terms of tourism and Wildlife but Kenya is not just all about the Wildlife, the Mountains and the tourism, Kenya has in the past and present produced some of the world-renowned personalities, the country is also blessed with some of the most beautiful women you can find in the world today – beautiful in every ramification

Indeed Kenyan women are a beauty to behold. Here we bring to you 20 most beautiful Kenyan women.

20 Most Beautiful Kenyan Women

1. Susan Anyango

Susan Anyango, Miss Kenya winners 2011

2. Kambua

Beautiful Ethiopian women2

3. Serah Ndanu

Beautiful ethiopian women

4. Joey Muthengi

Beautiful ethiopian women4

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5. Alice Kamande

Beautiful kenyan women

6. Sheila Nikki Mwanyigah

kenyan women6

7. Marya

beautiful kenyan women7

8. Brenda Wairimu

beautiful women of Kenya

9. Size 8

beautiful kenyan women9

10. Habida

beautiful Kenyan women10

11. Wahu

beautiful kenyan women11

12. Stella Mwangi a.k.a STL

beautiful ethiopian women12

13. Miss Lady Karun

beautiful Kenyan

14. Chantelle

beautiful women14

15. Lupita Nyong’o

beautiful women15

16. Pierra Makena

beautiful kenyan women16

17. Tanya Hassan of Tahidi High

beautiful Kenyan women17

18. Amani

beautiful Kenyan women18

19. SanaipeiTande


20. Tero

beautiful kenyan women21