Behold This Beauty! Meet Mwende Before Her Husband Chopped Off Her Hands

Without a doubt, marriage does come with a lot of perks for a woman. Especially if it is with the right man.

We’ve no doubt heard stories of married couples still celebrating their honeymoon by the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage. But things can quickly turn sour for the woman when Mister Right becomes Mister Short-Fuse-Temper, or even worse, Mister Lash-Out-When-I-Get-Angry.

That is the sorry situation Mwenda found herself, after seven years in a marriage that has gone from sweet and sour to bitter and poisonous. Recently, some old pictures of Jackline Mwende, who fell victim to one of the most heartbreaking cases of domestic violence reported recently, surfaced online.

Given her recent plight, which has been widely reported across several news media, these photos make the situation even more tearful as she now looks way different from way back. In the photo, believed to have been taken during her salad days, she looks magnificent, cheerful and eager to take on life.

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Her estranged husband, Stephen Ngila, chopped off her hands and sliced her head with a machete. Ngila reportedly started abusing his wife when she had been unable to concieve, following over seven years of marriage.

However, doctor’s reports show that Mwenda is fertile whereas her husband has fertility issues.

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Nonetheless, 27-year old Mwende has since forgiven her husband  even though he remains in police custody over  his gruesome act. And the woman has sworn neither to return to her husband’s house, nor to love another man again.

”I will never love a man again, Even if I get a very nice man, I will not accept. I would rather stay with my parents  who have always been there.”

Her experience has garnered support from several quarters, including the Machakos government, which announced that she will recieve Sh30,000 monthly, for the period of one year. Governor Alfred Mutua’s wife Lilian Ng’ang’a said Jackline Mwende, 27, will also get free medical care.

She will also get a pair of electronic prosthetic limbs worth Sh10 Million that could see her resume normal duties in three months

Here is one of the Photos:

Mwende's old picture