Besigye’s Son Anslem Runs For President – In Oxford

Obviously, leadership runs in the blood and Besigye’s son has rightly proven that. The Uganda’s main opposition’s son, identified as Anslem, has shown that while his father is still under house arrest for chasing his dream, he would not let his ambition die for the current predicament.

He chose to take his ambition for leadership beyond the boundaries of his home country, insisting that it is good to start early to follow the footsteps of his embattled father, Kizza.

In a campaign video, which the young man shared on social media recently, Anselm could be seen announcing his intention to run for president of the debate club at Oxford.

He pledges in the video, saying:

“I plan to hold public exhibitions on hot burning issues and current events. This is a great way to drum up attention for the team and to practice for exhibition rounds.” 

He also revealed that his mother Winnie Byanyima helped him in putting up his campaign video which has an epic ending.

His aspiration to become the head of the Oxford Union will make him the organizer and controller of events in the union including debates, speaker addresses, panel discussions and summer socials. The debate union is regarded as one of  the most prestigious university debating society in the world.

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He has been canvassing for support in full force just like his dad and his an election video has already been viewed more than 50,000 times on Facebook.

What’s more is that the election willl be absolutely free and fair. Plus Mr Besigye Jr is unlikely to be placed under house arrest to maintain public order.

His father has been detained at his home since he threatened to protest following President Yoweri Museveni’s election victory last month.

Yesterday, Uganda third opposition, who questioned Uganda’s Museveni’s victory in court, lost his case as court ruled the long-serving president the legal head of state Uganda.

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Museveni had gathered 61.75 percent of the votes counted, and was followed not-so-closely by Kizza Besigye, the opposition leader, who gathered  33.47 percent.

Though several international and local observers criticised the legitimacy of the vote, factoring in many irregularities that marred the election, the Chief Justice saw no need to cancel the election as the quoted irregularities didn’t hold water enough to lead to complete cancellation, according to him.

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