Top 20 Best Break Up Songs For The Brokenhearted

Life is not a bed of roses, new relationships are built everyday, people make up and break up as days go by. People play love songs especially when things are going on well, then what song do you play when your heart is broken. Even when every thing is going on smoothly, we all need a good cry once in a while, a good breakup song will surely do the magic, crying most times is like a therapy, you don’t cry only when you are sad, most times crying can induce happiness. Once in a while try listening to a break up song and ease the stress. Here is a list of 20 break up songs for the heartbroken.

20 Best Break Up Songs For The Heartbroken

1. “Don’t Speak,” — No Doubt

2. We Ride–Rihanna

3. Cry Me A River–Justin Timberlake

4.  7 Things– Miley Cyrus

5. Anytime– Brian McKnight

6. How Could You– Mario

7. I’m Missing You– Case

8.  Just An Old Boyfriend–Kaci Brown

9.  Let It Go (Breathe)– Nivea

10. Barely Breathing — Duncan Sheik