Best Ugandan Universities: 2015 Latest Ranking

In Uganda, the system of education has a structure of 7 years of primary education, 6 years of secondary education (divided into 4 years of lower secondary and 2 years of upper secondary school), and 3 to 5 years of post-secondary education. This  system of education has existed since the early 1960s. You will agree with me that Uganda to some extent is known to have some of the best universities in Africa. Although there are many that didn’t make the cut of the list below, it is believed that Uganda provides world-class learning experiences. A recent global ranking of the top 29 universities in Uganda for 2015 has just been released by University Web Ranking, and the result is somewhat different from what we saw last year.

It seems that some Universities who were not pleased with where they were ranked in 2014 have tried their best to ensure that they climb up the ladder to be ranked among the best. Note that the ranking was done based on four vital composite indicators which include their Presence, rate of Impact, Openness and Academic excellence. Check out the 29 Best Ugandan Universities on the list.

1. Makerere University

2. Mbarara University of Science & Technology

3. Uganda Christian University

4 Nkumba University

5 Kampala International University

6 Kyambogo University

7 Busitema University

8 Islamic University in Uganda

9 Gulu University

10 Ndejje University

11 Muteesa I Royal University

12 Bugema University
13 Uganda Martyrs University

14 Mountains of the Moon University

15 Busoga University

16 Cavendish University Uganda

17 International Health Sciences University

18 International University of East Africa

19 Uganda Technology and Management University

20 African Rural University

21 LivingStone International University

22 Bishop Stuart University

23 Kampala University

24 St. Augustine International University

25 Victoria University

26 St. Lawrence University

27 Kabale University

28 Kumi University

29 All Saints University

A  recent global ranking of the top 15 universities in Africa for 2015 has also just landed from Webometrics, and the result is quite distinct from what was seen last year. It seems that some Universities who were not pleased with where they were ranked or was not even ranked in 2014 have tried their best to ensure that they make it to the top of the list or even appear on the list in order to be ranked among the best. Scroll down to see the universities, their world rank and the country and see which Ugandan university made the list.

1. University of Cape Town (328)  South Africa

2. Stellenbosch University (426)  S/A

3. Cairo University (474)  Egypt

4. University of Pretoria (494) S/A

5. University of Witwatersrand (563) S/A

6. University of Kwazulu Natal (830)  S/A

7. University of Nairobi (855)  Kenya

8. University of the Western Cape (1022) S/A

9. American University in Cairo (1050) Egypt

10. University of South Africa (1074) S/A

11. Mansoura University Kenya (1167) Kenya

12. Universities of Johannesburg (1178) S/A

13. Makerere University (1213) Uganda

14. Rhodes University (1341) S/A

15. Covenant University Ota (1401) Nigeria.