Man, Abandoned For Inability To Meet Family Needs, Wins Sh20m Cash Prize

A 62-year-old man whose wife dumped for been unable to provide for the family has become the new Betway winner.

Joseph Onywera tried his luck with the last Sh100 he had and amazingly lady luck smiled at him, slapping him with Sh20 million jackpot reward.

Joseph is a Kisumu farmer, and was on Thursday given a cheque of Sh20 million at his home in Rabuor village by the newly appointed Betway Country manager for Kenya Wanja Gakonyo which he had won for a sports bet.

Before he entered the wager, Onywera’s  had a lot of depressing thoughts swerving through his mind. He said he could hear discouraging voices telling him how much of a failure he has become. That notwithstanding he challenged his instinct and wagered his Sh100 . Moments later, the unimaginable occurred .

A woman who identified herself as an employee of Betway, a betting company in Kenya, called him up to break the good news to him.

He couldn’t hold his excitement on hearing that he was the week’s Sh20 million jackpot winner.

Onywera who is the most recent millionaire in Kapiyo village of Kano is quoted as saying:

“I am a soccer fan. I played during my youth and the betting bit just spiced up my love for the game. As an Arsenal FC and Gor Mahia FC fan, I have been up-to-date with the happenings in the world of soccer and that made me a fan of betting too,”.

The father of nine dropped out of school in Standard Three in 1967. Being close to the lake, Onywera started fishing both on the Kenyan and Ugandan beaches.

Onywera said he acquired a plot in Kisumu during his successful day, but was thinking of disposing it by a way of sale during his agonizing days.  He said his prime was because he has been unable to raise fund to build rental apartments.

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He recounted that his ordeal began when death took away his first wife Truphena Anyango in 1996. He got back to take care of his surviving family including his children and his second wife who was just new in marriage.

Poverty struck afterwards and in 2010, his wife could no longer take it. They separated due to slight misunderstanding and his inability to provide primary needs for his family.

Despite being a father of 9 children, Onywera said he ha lived a lonely life since then in his compound with two old structures where he has found shelter for over twenty years.

He says he will now fulfil his dream. When asked if he would take back his wife now, he declined saying he needs to regain his inner peace for now.

“I just need some peace now and I can live on my own for now. One of the sons I had with the second wife lives in a nearby centre and I will work on how to help him, but not his mother,” he said.

betway-winner -Joseph Onywera

On Thursday,  the Betway team presented Onywera with a cheque of Sh20 million. He was found attending to his three cows.

After receiving his money, Onywera gave a hint on how he plans to spend his cash. According to him, the first on the priority list to settle his Creator with his tithe which he says he will pay to Osaria Catholic Church, the place from where he has enriched with word of God during his solitary life.

“I just want to go to the church and ask them what I should do for the church. I would have helped build it but as luck would have it, our church is permanent. So I will offer what I can, he explains.

He says the second on the list to erect a building for himself because his house is highly dilapidated and in poor state.

He says because he has been business minded, he wouldn’t squander the money without investing.

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According to him, a ‘chopper’ (matatu) for business would serve for his daily bread because he is now too old for a hard job. He added that he will spend a lot of his time his watching over his three zebu cows and monitoring his projects

Betway Country Manager for Kenya Wanja Gikonyo, who presented the cheque added that the company will provide him a financial advisor who would help Onywera plot out good way to invest the money.

He expressed his excitement because the money will give birth to a new Onywera.

Joseph Onywera joins a growing lists of jackpot winners in Kenya after predicting the outcome of 13 football matches listed by Betway last week.

Gikonyo said: ” Betway believes that Agumba’s life will be transformed in tandem with the company’s goal of improving people’s lives,”.

Joseph Oneywera sent out a word of encouragement to those who bet, urging them never to give up. Don’t give up because your luck is on the way. I have lost before and now I am a winner,” he said.

Since its launch in late 2015, Betway Kenya has doubled its subscriber base, growing fast as it looks to make the dreams of sports betting fans a reality.