Does Beyoncé Really Have Her Own Church?

Looks like the speculations about the existence of a Beyoncé  church is all true as an organization in Atlanta, GA has established a church named “The National Church of Bey” in which they practice the religion “Beyism” (based on Beyoncé Knowles).

“Beyism”, “Mother Bey”, and even the “Beyble” all seem to be real components of the National Church of “Bey” even though Beyoncé herself seems not to be directly involved or part of the church.

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Though the church is dedicated to her, she has publicly made a strong remarks against the church. The members get together and sing themselves some of Beyonce’s hits.

Beyoncé Church

The founder of the church, “Minister Diva” Pauline John Andrews has received heavy backlash for coming up with such an evil idea.

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But, he, via its website which is more of a joke than anything else, hit back at the church’s critics writing:

“We are very disappointed in the failure of the public to recognize the existence of a divine Deity walking among them. Deity’s (sic) often walk the Earth in their flesh form. Beyoncé will transcend back to the spirit once her work here on Mother Earth has been completed.”

The goers of the church believe that Beyonce “sits among the throne of Gods.”

He continued:

“As our congregation continues to swell, we ask that you consider what is more real; an invisible spirit on high, or a walking, talking, breathing Goddess who shows you her true form daily? Beyoncé’s spirit is entrancing. We know that she was sent to this place to spread love, peace, and joy. While we do not believe Beyoncé to be the Creator, we recognize that she still sits among the throne of Gods. There is a lot of false information being spread about our beliefs, but we will correct all of the vicious lie­tellers.

As Beyoncé spreads her gospel through song and dance, her message provides uplifting, loving, and many times real­ life happenings. We humbly ask you to respect our beliefs, just as you want those to respect yours. Open your mind to new possibilities and you will see, just as we did, that Bey is a true higher power. Surfbort!”

There’s a word of Beyonce that the group use — called the “Beyble” — which is the main religious text of the church.

According to the founder:

“We have published the Beyble and it will soon be available for free to the public. Donations have poured in and we will
soon have enough to build a temple in honor of Mother Bey. We will invite her to speak to her flock, once the doors are open.”

The church is looking to expand. and as such is having it advertised locally in Alanta.

One of its commercials, which is aired locally in Atlanta shows nifty graphics appear to share the words about Beyonce and what makes her worthy of such praise.

The church claims to have parishes popping up all over the United States, Canada, and England.