Video: Giant Bird Transforms To Young Lady In Nigeria

It’s a well known fact that many creepy things happen around the world everyday. But residents of Ojokoro area of Ijaiye in Nigeria would attest that the incident of this morning – which saw a bird presumably transform into a young woman – is among the most bizarre things they have ever seen.

According to an eyewitness who captured the eldritch video, the incident happened around 5:30-6am this morning as he was driving home along Agbado-Ijaiye road in Lagos, Nigeria when he heard sudden screams from people who were shouting loudly in one of Yoruba – Nigeria’s local dialects.

Listening to the screams, he found out that they were shouting that a bird has turned into a human being. He then parked some distance away from the incident, and walked closer to have a glimpse of the scene happening beside a gutter opposite a popular filling station.

Upon arriving to the scene, he met the crowd, a handful of whom said they were walking by the gutter when they saw a giant bird suddenly fall into the gutter. Shocked the passers-by looked inside the gutter, and the bird had changed into a young woman.

In the video (below), it is seen that at some point, a man entered into the gutter, whispering into the woman’s ears. The crowd started raising concerns as to his relationship with the alleged bird-Lady but the man quickly denied having any form of relationship with her.

The eyewitness stated that nobody knows who the man is but he appears to be someone who understands the supernatural behind the incident and was trying to communicate with her because the crowd didn’t understand the Yoruba dialect she was speaking.

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However when he saw the the crowd was getting curiously angry, he ran away from the crowd. Another eyewitness said some people made out sense from what the woman had said. According to the bunch, the woman said she was sent on an errand during a meeting assumed to be witchcraft. But she declined citing that it was dangerous as it was already morning.

According to these people who could understand what she said, her superiors insisted and while she was flying to the destination, a powerful force struck her and she found herself in the gutter.

The eyewitness said that by the time he left there, an angry mob had already started hitting the Bird-lady with sticks. A call was made to the nearest police station that was less than a 1 kilometer away but the Police didn’t show up, at least as at the time he left the scene.

He is still trying to find out whether or not the police was able to rescue the alleged bird-lady in good time. Video below

This is not the first time this kind of incident has occurred in Nigeria. Sometime last two years, a similar incident happened close to Ojuelegba in the Surulere area of Lagos. In this case the woman, in her mid forties, was stuck under gutter slab. A dredging machine had to be used to break the slab to free her and she was handed over to the police. She also confessed that she was coming from a witchcraft meeting when a powerful force struck her and she fell into the sealed gutter.