Top 10 Blogs in Kenya

The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) awards’ grand ceremony will be held again on the 3rd May 2014. BAKE rewards the most outstanding blogs of the past one year and has been a source of inspiration for the Kenyan blogging society. The inaugural ceremony was held in 2012. Listed below are the current top 10 blogs in Kenya as determined by BAKE. For ease of comparison and to encourage all-inclusiveness, the blogs are put into categories such as technology, fashion, politics and the likes.

Top 10 Blogs in Kenya

1) Business Blog – Soko Directory

Created in 2008 by Hidalgo investments, Soko Directory engages in government tenders, finance, legal research and corporate image consultancy. The company handles client transactions at the NSE and provides both portfolio management and consultation services to client. The blog seeks to provide its clients with “accurate and timely” information on real estate, insurance and stock exchange among others.

Soko Directory

2) Best Political Blog – 057siasa

This is a rather young blog but a very active one indeed. Owned by one Daniel Ominde who is also a journalist and a radio producer, 057siasa discusses politics of the entire region. You’ll always find posts regarding Tanzania and Uganda and the posts are very perspective, applauding and criticizing governments and opposition politics in equal measure.

3) Best Technology Blog – Techmoran

Techmoran is the de facto leader in breaking tech news. The Nairobi based company provides “hot” commentaries on ground breaking techs and startups across the whole of Africa. It favors young innovators making it a favorite destination for upcoming innovators especially those still in schools, colleges and universities. If you are unsure about a new gadget, you can always visit Techmoran and read a few reviews before heading to the stores.

4) Best Travel Blog – Kenyatalii


Kenya Talii describes itself as a “hub for budget travel “. A few minutes on the blog will always save you a fortune on your travel. The blog features tips, reviews and shared experiences regarding travel destinations. Through Kenya Talii, users can recommend destinations to fellow travelers. As such, it is an engagement platform for readers and advertisers.

5) Best Entertainment Blog – Niaje

Depending on how you define entertainment, Niaje brings you up to date with everything that affects your life and which is likely to inspire you. It doesn’t just cover music and sports; there is always something on technology, careers business and so much more. Even politics occasionally finds some space on the crowded Niaje. And they don’t just cover Kenya or east Africa, they give you news about award ceremonies in Nigeria, latest music from the US and so much more.

More Blogs in Kenya

6) Best Agric/ Environment Blog – Rocket Scientist

Rocke is all about science and the environment. The blog has been a bit inactive in 2014 but it still remains one of the best places to find info on nature. One of its most popular and quite resourceful posts was on oil exploration in Kenya where rock sci elaborately discusses the milestones of the oil sector from as far back as 1954.

7) Best Food Blog – Pikachakula


For any information on Kenyan foods and dishes, Pikachakula has it all. The blog teaches how to prepare dishes and even gives advice on menus and diets. Some of the most helpful posts currently trending on Pikachakula include foods that don’t cause heartburn and vegetarian diet for weight loss. Then there are sections for tips on specific meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner and specific dishes; vegetarian, cakes beef and many others.

8) Best Photography Blog – MutuaMatheka

The owner of the blog, Mutua Matheka believes he is a city changer. He discusses photography to great depths and shares a lot of tips and experiences with his followers. Of course the followers can also interact and share ideas.

9) Best Corporate Blog – Lets Go Travel Africa

Lets Go Travel Africa is a leading tourist and travel operator in the wider east Africa and a ticketing agent for IATA. They give you all the information you need regarding travel destinations, travel operators and general tour information of the east African region. If you are traveling to the region, you only need this blog and you’ll have most of the information you need to make your trip an enjoyable one.

10) Best fashion blog – NancieMwai

Best fashion blog – NancieMwai

For news on fashion and trending styles, Nancie Mwai has it all. The blog covers every aspect of fashion from interior décor to street fashion. Here, people share ideas on how to dress for occasions and exchange tips on online shopping.


You can never list them all, but these 10 are classified as some of the most resourceful blogs in Kenya at the moment.