Boda-Boda Operator

A boda-boda operator from Gacucari village in Embu set his parents house ablaze for rejecting his fiance.

The 34-year-old man identified as Samuel Njeru Njue was said to have arrived home drunk late at night before picking a quarrel with his parents over their decision not to endorse his choice of wife.

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Embu North OCPD Mark Wanjala said the boda-boda operator got enraged during the argument and descended on his three semi-permanent bedroomed house and set it on fire.

“Samuel Njue set his house on fire after an argument with his parents over his marital plans. Luckily his neighbors who saw smoke billowing from his house put out the fire before it destroyed the property,” said Wanjala.

Mr. Njue has since been arrested and will be charged with arson and endangering the lives of others before a court of law.

The police chief has, meanwhile, asked parents and youth to settle family disputes in an amicable and sober way.

With one of our deepest needs as human beings being to belong or to be accepted, rejection is our number one fear.

When we are rejected in one way or another, we fail to satisfy an important need. This can, in turn, lead to different reactions such as depression or anger as the case is in this story.

Knowing how to deal with rejection will help us lessen its pain. It will also give us a chance to bounce back to our normal emotional state.

Unfortunately, that was also not the case in another story where a KDF soldier shot and killed his girlfriend before killing himself after she reportedly broke off their relationship.

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The 30-year-old soldier attacked the pharmacist, 25, after she broke up with him for another man.

A witness to the drama narrated the events that led to the shooting, saying:

“The soldier came to our plot at midnight and knocked at the girl’s door but she declined to open. He went away but returned in the morning as the girl prepared to go to work,” said a neighbor.

The witness said a bitter exchange ensued after which the woman ran to a neighbor’s house. He followed her and shot her several times until she died. He then took off to another room in the compound and locked himself in.

At this point, residents in the compound had run away for their safety.

The police arrived moments later but the soldier refused to surrender and engaged them in gunfire. They lobbed tear gas canisters into the house before entering to find out that the soldier had committed suicide.