Activist Boniface Mwangi Makes Strides For A Sweeter Kenya, Launches Ukweli Party

Activist Boniface Mwangi on Monday launched a new political party, Ukweli Party, to vie for Starehe MP in this year’s election.

Mwangi unvieled the party whose symbol is a sugar cane chosen for the party’s ambition to fight for a sweet Kenya.

He said the parliamentary position will see him take his street fights/protests for wananchi’s rights to a place where key decisions are made with the party whose slogan is ‘Nguvu kwa mwananchi’ meaning ‘power to the people’.

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Ukweli Party

Speaking at Ukweli Party Kenya House in Nairobi, Mwangi said the party will ”ensure people’s voices are echoed in spaces where they have been ignored for too long.”

“We want a Kenya that’s free of corruption…where the corrupt belong behind bars. [We will] eventually ensure that the people who want change are bold enough to take part in creating it.”

Mwangi went on to list issues of social services, the economy, security and public safety, governance and leadership as issues the party will pursue to resolve.

In regards to issues with parliamentarians, Mwangi said he will fight for a reduction in the number of representatives and a reduction in the salaries they are paid. Vehicle grants, loans and mortgages, sitting allowances and medical cover for the MPs and senators should also be abolished according to the activist.

He said a revolution in thought process is what was needed for the people to realize that it is their responsibility to ensure change in Kenya.

”We cannot say we have freedom when Kenyans still suffer domination, exploitation and oppression from national and international forces.”

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The 2008 CNN African Journalist of the Year expressed confidence in winning the Starehe MP race that will pit him against incumbent Maina Kamanda, businessman Steve Mbogo and musician Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar.

He called his anticipated victory a significant milestone in the bid to bring change to Starehe constituency residents.

“Our name bears great responsibility and expectations from each one of us.”

“It is a call to action from all Kenyans from all walks of life, religions, tribes, social strata and gender to take a liberating path of speaking truth to power.”

Mr. Mawangi further added that Ukweli Party will not have a presidential candidate, but will present candidates for parliamentary and ward seats.