Bonny Khalwale Replaced by Nyamira Senator Following His Removal As PAC Chairman

Bonny Khalwale has lost his seat as chairman of the Senate Public Accounts and Investment Committee after he gathered three out of 11 votes in an election.

The Kakamega Senator is now ex-chairman and his seat has been taken by Nyamira’s Kennedy Okong’o who won six votes. The former deputy chairman, Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar was replaced by West Pokot Senator John Lonyangapuo.

Accepting his defeat with open arms, Khalwale stated at Parliament buildings after the vote on Wednesday that he is ready to work with and support new officials.

According to him:

This should not invoke feelings of bitterness among former and new officials. I will support the new chairman and help whenever possible.

Many have termed this statement and behaviour as an incredibly inspiring one that should be copied by all politicians amidst all nearing elections.

The sessional committee, which is in charge of monitoring how the 47 counties make use of money allocated to each of them and also inspect their investments, votes new leaders when Parliament resumes to replace old ones.

The committee is tasked with appraising reports by the Auditor General on the yearly account of county governments and any other reports that have to do with funds and investments in concerning counties.

Bonny Khalwale, the Senator for Kakamega County, and a former Medical Officer used the chair of the Parliamentary Accounts Committee in the 10th Kenyan Parliament.

He has a reputation for leading censure motions against high profile cabinet ministers. Of course this isn’t a challenge for educated politician.

He was able to beat off a strong challenge from the Orange Democratic Movement, the dominant party in the region, after his election as an MP in the Kenyan parliamentary election in 2007 was nullified in February 2011.

However, he was able to win back his Ikolomani seat on 23 May 2011, and this loss wouldn’t be much of a headache for the intelligent politician.

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