Booted Daily Nation Cartoonist Gado Bags International Job

The renowed cartoonist, Godfrey Mwapembwa, often called his pen name, Gaddo, who recently revealed that he was sacked by one of the country’s foremost papers, the Daily Nation, without concrete reasons but has gotten another job.

The famous but ex-Daily Nation cartoonist reportedly landed a job in an international media company months after he was sacked at the Nation Media Group (NMG).

He on Wednesday shared his first caricature with the Deutsche Welle (DW) Swahili, Germany’s international media company, as his first piece. In the caricature he shared, he brought to focus, the recent presidential elections in Zanzibar. He also showed that the chance to work with DW was one of his many platforms he contributes his drawings to.

The cartoonist who was sacked after a short break without no concrete explanation had worked with NMG for nearly 23 years before he was booted out of the company for reportedly drawing cartoons that didn’t sit well with the elites.

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Following his dismissal, Gado spoke up against the manner in which NMG sent him away stating: “It wasn’t that it happened – rather, how it all happened that I am disappointed in”. He said his was political as his cartoon targeted top leaders in the region and beyond.

He was quoted as saying  his cartoon that annoyed former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, which led to the banning of the East African newspaper in the neighbouring country also prompted the termination of his contract.

In the cartoon, Gado drew Kikwete, the then Tanzania leader where he was half-naked, eating grapes from the hand of one of seven beautifully created ladies. And each of these women represented seven weaknesses in Kikwete’s government.

Additionally, several of Gado’s drawings are said to have also made the Jubilee elites uncomfortable – another reason Mr. Mwapembwa said was probably among the reasons he was kicked out.

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The recent suspicious action, placed NMG on the limelight for months now factoring another Special Projects Editor identified as Denis Galava owing for writing an editorial, that deeply lashed at President Uhuru Kenyatta and his leadership.

The media group has also faced criticism for allegedly terminating the job appointment of some of its staff  who determinedly engaged themselves in writing consistently about corruption.

Below is Godfrey Mwapembwa’s first work at DW Kiswahili: