Shock As Leading Brexit Campaigner Says He Can’t Lead UK Through The Rough Patches

After he led Britain’s surprise exit from the EU, Conservative politician Boris Johnson dropped yet another shock waves on Thursday when he announced he would not be contesting to replace outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron.

The ex-former London mayor who was regarded as the most preferred person to take Cameron’s job announced that he would not be running the race.

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In a speech, he said he will not run to be the next Conservative leader and prime minister.

According to him:

Having consulted colleagues and in view of the circumstances in parliament, I’ve concluded that person cannot be me,” he said after his eurosceptic ally Michael Gove undermined his chances by launching his own leadership bid.

He added:

“My role will be to give every possible support to the next Conservative administration,” Johnson said in a speech in London in which he had been widely expected to announce his bid for Cameron’s job. The vote was “a chance to unite our country and our society”, adding: “It is vital that we bring everyone together within the party. This is our chance to restore Britain’s standing as an independent, sovereign and self-governing nation.

He also called for a “points-based immigration system” like the one in place in Australia.

Boris Johnson

Social media users have been expressing their disbelief and anger over the announcement. Some users query why he had to lead the campaign when he knew it was going to pose such a difficult task. Others say he wanted to show off his campaign skills.

One user said: Boris John ran the campaign to get us out of the EU and didn’t have the guts to re establish the country! Odd move.

Another said: Narcissism personified. Cameron & #BorisJohnson wrecked the UK. And now neither will take any responsibility #wreckers

Britons last Thursday voted by 52 percent in favour of leaving the European Union, the first in the bloc’s 60-year history

The Conservative MP and former London mayor spearheaded the campaign to lead Britain out of the European Union — a debate many thought was partly an effort to take the leadership from ruling Conservative Party, and of the country.

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Since the Leave vote, which was not anticipated, the Pound has nosedived, hurting global markets and the entire Brexit move has inspired renewed talk of Scottish independence.

The EU is the latest of a series of multinational organizations created after World War II to ensure that there would never again be a pan-European war and to create the conditions for a new European prosperity after the deep destruction wrought by the war against the Nazis. The block has scored success in both.

Many have said the country will lose a lot for opting out of the bloc. Very well respected economists have predicted that Britain will incur heavy losses as a result of leaving the EU, including the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which estimated that British economic growth would be 5% smaller by 2030.

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In fact, the consequences of Brexit vote go far beyond just economic ones and it seems that has caused the UK to relent from her leave status.

Interior Minister Theresa May is among the candidates. She is now the clear favourite as a unifying candidate after a referendum campaign that exposed deep rifts within the Conservative Party.