Boy Flogged By His Teacher For Lateness Passes Away

A 14-year-old boy, Kevin Kagura was flogged by his teacher for not arriving at school within the expected time and he shortly passed away, Nation reports.

Kagura was a Standard Six pupil at Gathungo Primary School in Nyeri County, until he met his death on Wednesday after he was whipped by his teacher.

Mr Joseph Kagume, the headteacher, told the media that he had gone for a meeting before the incident occurred, but confessed that the boy had received some nine strokes along with four other pupils for coming late and playing under the rain.

Mr Kagume disputed that the beating could not have killed the boy, citing that he was epileptic and had fainted. In response, the father of the boy, Mr Jackson Mwarari, argued that his son was never epileptic.

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He stated that throughout his son’s lifetime, the lad had never suffered seizures or been diagnosed with epilepsy. He went further to explain that the boy was in good physical condition before the beating.

Meanwhile, a handful of pupils revealed that the lad fainted when he was being whipped by the teacher. Police have not yet gathered enough information concerning the incident since the school hasn’t recorded a statement with the police over the matter.

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According to OCPD Michael Mbaluku, the matter is being investigated and the teacher will be arraigned in court.

We are trying to establish if the child had any medical condition and what might have led to the death.

The boy’s father said he only knew about his son’s health when a neighbour who is also a pupil in the same school told him around 2pm. He further explained that his son had informed his neighbour that he wasn’t feeling fine in school.

In response to the report from his neighbour, Mr Jackson Mwarari moved with urgent haste to the school about a kilometre away from his home – but only saw his son’s dead body lying on the classroom floor. The teacher couldn’t give any articulate answers when questioned, but only hinted that the headteacher was away. The boy was taken to a hospital afterwards, where he was confirmed dead.

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