woman with two vaginas speaks up

There are many shockingly strange facts in the world. From a story of a man with two 10-inch working penises to a guy with no butt crack and now  a woman with two vaginas.

You call it a curse or a blessing but the woman says she has two vaginas – That’s weird I know! Well, having two lady bits might sound rare, but the medical condition does occur in some women.

And the woman in question who identified herself as nurseryRN (not her real name) says she has the condition called uterine didelphys, which means she was born with two vaginas.

She and her lover have embraced the fact and feel no shame to share the secret with the whole world.

She took a social media platform to enlighten her friends how it feels to have sex with two vaginas and how it affects her periods and childbirth.

She wrote in the thread, which was also originally posted in 2013:

“I am a female who was born with a complete uterine didelphys. I am in my 20s. I found out I had two uteri, two cervices, and two vaginas when I was 16 years old. I’ve been told I can get pregnant in either uterus.”

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She talked about everything ranging from pregnancy to hormones to having sex.

A user asked: ‘Would you require a C-section for birth, or is it possible for you to do a natural birth without complications?’

‘C-section,’ she responded. ‘My uteri are smaller than normal so I am at risk for miscarriage, intrauterine growth restriction (small babies), and premature babies.’

Another user queried: ‘Given that the two vaginas need to fit within the same amount of space, would child-birth be more difficult for you?’

Another wanted to find out if she could get pregnant in one uterus and later become pregnant in the other.

‘Due to hormones, that isn’t supposed to happen but I’ve read that it’s happened before,’ she explained. ‘Apparently a woman had one in one uterus and twins in the other uterus.’

She also further disclosed she has one Fallopian tube for each uterus so she still only menstruate once per month.

On how she manages her menstrual flow,  the woman revealed: ‘My doc says I should use two tampons at one time but that’s a bit ridiculous so I just use one.’

She added: ‘I can choose to get the septum removed but scar tissue may form. I would have to put a mold in my vagina twice a day for 15 minutes at a time and I would have to do that for 6 months.’

As you might expect, many of the questions were about her sex life and, in most cases, she was more than happy to take the questions.

‘My sex life is good. It depends which vagina is penetrated. My vaginas are side by side and the left side hurts when penetrated because it is smaller,’ she explained.

‘To my knowledge, due to the septum in my vagina, my g-spot is covered. Other than that, I imagine that it’s not much different from anyone else’s.’

As if that wasn’t enough, her partner took to the internet for a blunt discussion about their intimate life.

Questions from users also bordered on their sex life while others wanted to know if it was a health issue or a blessing.

The man opted to take the questions starting when he got to know about the “endowment”.

The boyfriend, known as twicethefun, revealed how he first found out about his girlfriend’s condition after she confessed she had ‘two of something most girls don’t’.

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He said: ‘After a couple minutes of guessing I finally figured it out. It was an interesting conversation.’ The only thought to his mind was “This sounds fun.”

One user asked  if he would rather prefer ‘two vaginas or four boobs’, he replied: ‘I prefer having two boobs and two vaginas.’

Turns out he loves his ‘things’ in pairs. 

When asked if he gets a different feelings, he answered that it is slightly different from having sex with a ‘normal’ woman with one vagina but way fun.

He also revealed that his girlfriend can get pregnant and give birth using both vaginas.

Meanwhile, a top model on took to YouTube network to tell the world the story of her life since knowing she has two vaginas. Many have opined she is probably the girlfriend of the man on Reddit.

Watch her clip below;