Breaking: Electrocuted Kenya Power Employee Dies In Hospital

One of the two electrocuted Kenya Power employees that suffered severe electric burns in Nakuru while working on a high voltage power line has given up the ghost at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Mr Peter Ongeri Omenda, 40, died on Wednesday at 8am.

According to a family member, Mr Omenda’s nephew who identified himself as Dennis said the deceased’s body was burned almost 90 per cent but he could still talk before he died.

He said:

“He was taken to KNH on Tuesday at 1pm and I went to visit him and he even told us he was feeling okay. I left the hospital at 7pm on that day and he was talking.”

According the nephew:

“Mr Omenda succumbed to the injuries as he was being monitored as he was scheduled for an operation”.

He left behind a wife and six children.

On April 4, a video showing two employees hanging dangerously from a high voltage line as sparks of electricity burnt their bodies went viral. (In case you missed the video, you can watch it below)

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The two technicians were installing a big power outdoor meter in Nakuru when sadly, a communication error occurred which led to the two hanging helplessly while they got burned by electric.

The two, Mr Omenda and his colleague, Felix Odhiambo, 23, had been contacted by a Kenya Power supervisor to work on faulty power lines in Nakuru.

Hours later, they were seen hanging from the high voltage power lines and in flames, indicating that power was turned on before they could get down from the electric pole.

Kenya Power began investigations afterwards amid the claims that the control room was being manned by a drunk person who misread the instructions he had received.

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The other man, Felix Odhiambo is responding to treatment though he suffered about 10 percent burns. He narrated his ordeal recently to the media at Valley Hospital in Nakuru County where they are admitted.

Felix Odhiambo stated that he was trying to fix a manual switch after a pole was changed and was unable to do so personally, prompting him to seek help from his colleague, Peter Ongeri

Odhiambo noted that after he was electrocuted, he hugged the pole to avoid further movement.

But his workmate, moved his body leading to more electrocution hence he sustained a 50 percent degree or more burns.