British Man

The son of a British aristocrat is facing life in Prison in Kenya after prosecutors charged him with trafficking cocaine worth KSh 598 million.

Jack Marrian allegedly used his shipping firm that carries sugar to smuggle the drugs destined for Uganda into Kenya via the Mombasa port.

The shipment had traveled from Brazil and went through Spain and Oman before arriving in the Kenyan port.

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Marrian whose full name is Jack Alexander Wolf Marrian is the son of Lady Emma Campbell from the Scottish noble family known as Clan Campbell of Cawdor. The family’s Cawdor Castle in the Scottish Highlands dates back to the 1400s.

Jack denies any knowledge of the illicit substance. He pointed out that his company, Mshale Commodities Ltd, was a likely target for smugglers because of the large volume of shipment it moves.

”You cannot know anything as vehemently as you know your own innocence,” Jack told reporters.

The 31-year-old who was born in the U.K. but has spent most of his life in Kenya will stand trial on October 3. He was released on a KSh 70 million bail.

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Authorities in Kenya have meanwhile indefinitely suspended the sugar importation licence of Mshale Commodities Ltd.

The company has in turn sued the Agriculture and Food Authority to challenge its suspension without prior notice.

Mshale Commodities lawyer, Kioko Kilukumi, argues that the suspension is in violation of the Fair Administrative Action Act. He is requesting that the court squashes the decision to suspend its registration.

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Mr Kilukumi claims the company cannot carry out its businesses due to the suspension which would result to irredeemable losses which may cause it to fold.

He disclosed that the company imported sugar worth over KSh 1 billion between December 2014 and September 2016.