Buddhist Monk Suddenly Grows Elephant-Size Leg Which Gives Him Severe Pain

A complex bypass operation to make his legs shrink back to normal size and ease him of his agony may be a solution to painful and unsightly limb swelling of this man.

Namphet, 42, had a normal leg and lived a normal life. However, he suddenly developed a leg the size of an elephant which not only restrains him from moving freely.

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He also began suffering severe pain and that was a huge change in his life.

The Thai Buddhist then headed to hospital. There, he was told he had a condition called Lymphadenitis.

The diseases is an infection of the lymph nodes – which may make him disabled in future.

Lymph nodes are small, ovoid nodules normally ranging in size from a few millimeters to 2 cm.

He has been suffering from it for more than a decade.

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The Buddhist monk widely known for helping the less fortunate and terminally ill  people is now begging for his own life to be spared.

He is currently appealing for financial and medical help through social media.

Monk Bhin of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand has also launched a fund to help Boonthing who has been left unable to work by the condition.

For now, Boonthing’s family depends completely on his wife’s small earnings of 250 Thai baht per day (about Sh700).

And on their usual hospital trip where they usually stay overnight, the money gets exhausted.

The sickness has drained their savings so much that their house has remained in a dilapidated state as they don’t have enough money to do any maintenance.

As a result, they have been forced to live with relatives. The condition is driving the family over to the edge.

The Foundation helps where it can by providing limited funds and transportation for his hospital visits – but their resources are stretched.

The beer giant Singha has even donated a minibus to help – reflecting the strong reputation that Monk Bhin has in Thailand.