In Uganda, a building collapsed near Makerere University in the country’s capital, Kampala, Uganda:

In the Makerere building collapse, a minimum of one body was recovered after the big fall down which took place in a suburb in Uganda capital. While about seven people have been rescued alive from under the rubble, many are yet to be found.

Crowds circled the site of the Makerere building collapse as rescue workers urge them to move back to create space for the rescue mission to be completed successfully without more injuries.

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Meanwhile, scores were injured in the Makerere building collapse though figures are yet to emerge. A BBC correspondent has tweeted a video from the site of the building which has collapsed, watch below:

Eye witnesses recount experiencing shake at the time of the tragedy. Another eye witness told Uganda Radio Network that part of the building had developed cracks and engineers had already cautioned against its continued habitation. But some residents ignored the warning, treating it as false alert.

It is alleged that a handful of small business owners who had been occupying the basement and ground-floor levels of the building were forced to relocate after reports of the building’s deteriorating condition.

Some business owners around the vicinity had also removed their property from the site, amid fears that rainwater which had reportedly seeped into the foundations.

Here is another video showing an eye witness narrating what he had seen.

More Tweets On The Fallen Building


Some Images From The Makerere Building Collapse:


It is still unclear what might have caused the collapse of the building, which is near the city’s main university. Stay with us for more updates on the recent building collapse in Uganda.

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