Watch Marked Building Collapse In Kariobangi South

A residential building has collapsed in Kariobangi South in Nairobi on Tuesday. Amazingly there no casualties reported.

The building had been earmarked for demolition following an incident in May where at least 50 people were killed after a building collapsed in the city’s Huruma district.

Locals say the building had originally been commissioned for occupation. Fortunately, no occupant lives in it at the time of the collapse.

Citizen Tv has tweeted a video showing the moment of the collapse.

Another four-storey building that occupants had vacated collapsed in Zimmerman estate in March.

The building was declared unfit for habitation and marked for demolition by the National Construction Authority and the Nairobi County officials.

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Another building among the ones marked for demolition also collapsed in Huruma in June. Kenyan government ordered for the demolition of buildings  in order to avoid tragedies such as the April 29 collapse that left at least 51 dead .

Two walls recently collapsed in Westlands, killing seven people.

On Monday, three people were killed after a wall collapsed at Brookside Villas. The people who died were among the nine men who had been digging a trench to divert a river.

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An incident on General Mathenge Drive in July left four dead and at least 10 injured.

A building, once well-built is expected to be in use for a very long time. Even though each society has it own challenges and Kenya is no different, the recent challenges of buildings collapsing in various locations have become a major problem. Not just about the huge loss of investments in housing and properties, but also for the human life lost along with it.

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Following the Huruma incident, Kenyan government earmarked some buildings of low standard for demolition to save lives.