Court Takes Decision On Mum Whose Son Died In Car While She Had Fun With Lover

Bungoma Boy’s Car Death — Following extensive police investigations, a Bungoma court has now freed Christie Nasimiyu and her lover Jude Ng’ang’a over the death of her 9-year-old son Enos Barasa.

The couple were freed after police told the court that there was no sufficient evidence to link them with the murder of the young boy.

“We have carried out thorough investigations and there is no evidence to help us pin them down,” the police statement reads.

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An autopsy report carried out on the boy’s corpse revealed that he was stabbed and not suffocated as initially thought.

“he (Enos Barasa) had severe head, stomach and chest injuries probably from a blunt object. Blood had accumulated in his chest, head and the stomach, an indication that he was murdered,” said a medical official who witnessed the autopsy report.

With the new report, police went ahead to obtain 5 more days from the court to conduct further investigations into the case.

However, while they came up with no strong evidence to determine the boy’s murderer, Bumula OCPD Julius Muthini said that his men are not yet done with the matter and would still summon Christie Nasimiyu and her lover upon the discovery of fresh evidence.

Bungoma Boy's Car Death

In the absence of the mother who was still in police custody, Enos Barasa was buried on Saturday at the family’s home in Lwanda village, West Sang’alo Ward, in Kanduyi constituency.

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The family’s spokesperson Benson Barasa said that the family had held a meeting over the issue and had concluded that Christie Nasimiyu would not be allowed to live in her late husband’s residence anymore.

“She is free to visit and meet her children but we won’t allow her to stay here again, let her get married elsewhere if she so feels,” Barasa said.

Enos Barasa was initially thought to have died from suffocation after his mum left him in a locked car with no ventilation to have sex at a guesthouse near Mateka market in Bumula, Bungoma County.

Until his death, the boy was a pupil of Matumbufu Primary school. He had 4 siblings.