Jacob Juma Autopsy Report Raises More Queries On His Death

Recent findings have leaked that businessman Jacob Juma was swaddled up in a blood-soaked lint – a strip of woven material used to wrap up a wound or to protect an injured part of the body – on his neck and right hand when his body was brought for examination.

The bandage raises concerns on whether the businessman Jacob Juma was killed in the scene, as generally believed.

Police report opined that he was shot inside his car, but it looks like someone tried to help him or maybe he was not killed where he was alleged to have met his death.

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Following a series of interviews of witnesses, and reviewing of autopsy report, it appears the slain man was not killed in his car and may have been slaughtered elsewhere, and was put back into his car and driven down to the scene to paint the perfect picture.

His bullet wounds were also in conflicts with the reports that the killed tycoon was gunned dead while sitting in the driver’s seat as the autopsy result shows that he was shot several times on his right hand at close range.

He also had a bullet wound on the left of his neck and on the right in such a way that it got his lungs ruptured. This is in addition to two shots to the centre of his chest.

Businessman-jacob-juma Businessman Jacob

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Some security men at a construction site a few distance away from the alleged site where Juma is reported to have been shot have revealed that they didn’t hear anything that called for alarm. They stated that they only heard busy noise but none sounded like gunshots.

Also, in contrast with police report, that said an officer stationed at a close by construction site was approached by two men who informed him of a stalled vehicle, the gatekeepers said there no police was at the site the fateful night.

The vehicle was found at a busy junction in a generally insecure part of the road where motorists are likely to be vigilant, yet nobody said it saw the car pass by during the attack, until a police officer called Karen Police Station.

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The guards near the crime scene said that section of the road remained bustling through out the night until after midnight.

Jacob Juma was murdered on his way home from a bar. The controversial businessman was allegedly preparing document for another big scandal before he was killed.

It was alleged that somebody might have taken some important evidence out before the arrival of police officers at his death scene.

Many theorists had pointed fingers at those who they thought should be interrogated over the killing, with many suggesting those he mentioned in his tweets.

Dr Boni Khalwale had said businessman Jacob Juma has began haunting people after IEBC clash that killed 3, injuring scores.