Raila Names The Killers Of Businessman Jacob Juma

Raila Odinga has pointed fingers at the possible killers of the businessman Jacob Juma who was murdered with 10 bullets on Friday, May 6, 2016. Based on the statement by Coalition for Reform and Democracy (Cord) led by Raila odinga, police officers gunned down businessman Jacob Juma because of the information he had on Eurobond saga.

The leaders accused the police officers drawn from the flying squad tea of carrying out the heinous act, stating that they targeted the controversial city businessman Jacob Juma because of his stance in corruption.

According to Raila, the officers had tracked Juma on that night until they got to a lonely spot along Ngong Road, near Lenana School where there were no witnesses, before murdering him.

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He added that after the killing, police went to report the incident to the police station. Raila’s presumption was backed by his ally Moses Wetangula, who said the manner in which Juma was assassinated could only have been carried out by professionals.

The leaders swore that Juma’s death would not be in vain, and that they would ensure those who robbed the billions of shillings in Eurobond that the government can’t account for.

The cord leaders made the statement during homecoming ceremony of Kajiado Central MP Elijah Memosi accompanied by other leaders allied to Cord.

Watch the video below.

Juma, who had declared interest in politics come 2022 shared a Facebook post in January, 2016, claiming that he had received intelligence that government has paid some killers to assassinate him.

“High voltage intelligence reports reaching me is that Jubilee leaders have hatched a plot to assassinate me over my stand on corruption in gov’t. The leaders are so worried about Eurobond revelations and the confidential details that I have on the heist and corruption perpetuated by Jubilee gov’t.”

In several other tweets, he raised concerns about how he had come to learn of plans to assassinate him.

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Investigators are currently looking into the manner of the assassination of Juma who was a huge supporter of Raila. The detectives carrying out the investigations said they are going through his phones for clues to the killing. According to them, examination of his phone will help the team establish the billionaire’s last conversations and movements before his end on the Southern Bypass.

After the shootings that killed Juma, police found his two phones, golden Rolex watch and Sh6,500 amongs other personal belongings in the car. The team has been instructed to include the officers from the DCI headquarters. Detectives from the Homicide section will be joined by officers from the Karen CID, with backup from the Flying Squad and Special Crimes Prevention Unit.

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Homicide investigators at the weekend recorded the statements of Juma’s wife Mariamu Wairimu. CID commanders from across the different police divisions in Nairobi have been asked to collect CCTV footage from areas where Juma is suspected to have driven through from Westlands to the Bypass, where he was killed.

Investigators want to know if what an eye witness claimed was true as he said a vehicle trailed Juma. As investigations go on, Kenyans in diaspora have called on the government to form an independent body to investigate Jacob Juma’s killing.

Berating the brutal killing, Kenya Diaspora Alliance, speaking through it Chairman Lameck Siage, said since there is a visible lack of confidence in investigations of such sensitive murders by the Kenya Police, immediate independent investigations should be carried out by a reliable body like the Scotland Yard, before potential evidence is interfered with.

They asked the government to treat those the businessman linked to his death while alive as initial suspects, and they should be seized for interrogation. Chairman Lameck Siage says the killing of businessman Jacob Juma mirrors the hallmarks of a gang land execution.

Siage said:

“It is yet another chilling reminder of the ugly nature of assassinations that characterized Kenya whenever someone is considered a critic by some quarters.”

In a statement, Siage says whenever such killings happen, it reminds the  public that not much has been done.

He added:

“Despite these promises at every suspected assassination, all stones have been too heavy to turn. The constitution of Kenya guarantees all citizens life and liberty, under the bill of rights.”

Siage said past assassinations have left Kenya poorer of gallant fighters of true democracy, justice and freedom. Expresing his disappointment, the chairman said each time such killing occur, the killers go unpunished, freely roaming the streets. He urged all Kenyans to help bring the trend to an end if Kenya is to remain a home to all of us and an attractive investment destination for the rest of the world.