Busted! Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s Way of Making Money Exposed!

In case you have not heard and you are wondering how the man of the people, Mike Sonko has been making all of the money he throws around, Sometime last year, somebody (name withheld), has made it public knowledge. Literally speaking, you will be stunned to see the excerpt from his payslip that was publicly exposed by the said anonymous. It is then and only then you will stop bothering yourself about his lavish spending and also his unorthodox mode of dressing affiliated with the hip hop community. Based on the information on the payslip, the Nairobi Senator takes home cool six figures cash as salary and other variable benefits every month.

While Mike Sonko receives a clean 1.06 million as Gross salary (before tax deductions), his net salary (the one he takes home after all the deductions) is a little above a half a million. View below to see variable perks and benefits he takes home every end of the Month which I know will certainly shock you. You could do the simple arithmetic of multiplying this amount by 12 to know his net worth for one year.


Don’t have your glasses on? Here is a clearer analysis.

Basic Salary 319,500


Administrative: 213,000

Car Maintenance: 365,525

Responsibility: 96,000

Sitting Allowance: 30,000

Total Gross Salary = 1,015,025.00


PAYE: 292,439.90


BUCOSO Deposits 20,000

Health Club: 2,000

PACOSO Loan 64,703

Pension Fund: 40,257

Ration and Messing: 2,600

TNA PG: 10,000

Total deduction: 482,320

Net Salary : 532,705

Now do you still wonder how he can afford to live large and accord the luxury of squalor? I would say the man is spending what he has earned as he sees fit. Tell Us What You Think About This Huge Salary In The Comment Section Below.