Petition Seeking Obama’s Help In The Eurobond Scandal Need 98,794 Signatures

As the country expects to host US Attorney General Loreta Lynch this week, the need to petition the US government has been hitting social media. The platform’s users in Kenya have begun a campaign to present a formal written request signed by many people, appealing to the US government to assist in the recovering of the alleged missing Eurobond fund.

As a consequence, Kenyans on Sunday, January 24, posted the petition on the White House website urging Obama to trace the billions that were deposited in one of the American banks.

In the petition, Kenyan youths reminded the president Obama his words during his last year visit which urge them to step-up and take their place in the society. They also proved their readiness to help fight and root out corruption in the country.


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But to effect this petition seeking US government help in recovering the reported looted proceeds from Eurobond, 100,000 signatures are required. Up till this point, the petition has 1,206 signature. Therefore 98,794 signatures are still needed by February 23, 2016 to reach goal of 100,000.

What Does The Petition Say?

The petition reads:

We reach out to the Attorney General knowing well that United States President Barrack Obama who visited Kenya last year, asked the youth to step-up and take their place in society and a US bank is involved in this scandal

An amount of 999 million US dollars has to date not been deposited into the Consolidated Fund as required by Law


Eurobond Heist Summarized

A] The total amount of cash received from sovereign bond sale;

-$2B June 27th 2014 (CBK Account —JP Morgan)

-$815M 3rd Dec 2014 Tap Sale Proceeds (CBK Account —Citi Group)

So, the total amount received comes to $2.815B


B] Total amount from all international accounts

-$600M July 2nd 2014 (syndicated loan)

-$815M Dec 3rd 2014 (to exchequer account)

-$395M July 3rd 2014 (to exchequer acc

To support this campaign, append your signature to make up the 98,794 signatures need through the following link

Recall that CORD leader Raila roped some senior government officials in the missing Eurobond billions, accusing them of being responsible for the mystery behind the great loss. The officials had threatened to march him to court, but the opposition leader, however, hasn’t faced any charge. The politician also accused US banks of helping ‘persons of interest’ in executing their heedful scheme.

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