Caroline Mutoko – 10 Things You Didn’t Know Before Now

Caroline Mutoko is a well-known radio presenter, currently hosting a morning breakfast show at kiss 100 FM. The station is based in Nairobi and ranks among the high rated radio stations in Kenya with online streaming services as well. With such a job, Caroline handles lots of information which perhaps is part of what has made her who she is today. She is a celebrity to many people.

Here are 10 Things You Should Know about Caroline Mutoko

She Earns a 7 Figure Digit Salary

Caroline is multi-talented and has more than one job. She is a radio presenter, a marketing manager among other jobs. From all these, Caroline is believed to receive over one million in remuneration. She however claims that a big part of her salary accrues from commissions due to her hard work. Whichever the source, the facts is she earns more than majority of the Kenyans.

Caroline Started Off Her Radio Presenting Carrier without Pay for 6 Months

She started off her radio career at Capital FM. As a pro, Mutoko was not entitled to a salary despite working for 7 days a week. However, to her, this did not matter most since she knew she was acquiring lifetime training and skills which made her later land a fortune at kiss 100 FM.

Caroline Mutoko 3

Throughout her school life all the way from Loreto convent valley road high school up to campus level, Caroline managed to gather enough knowledge which has enabled her secure a post as the marketing manager of the Radio Africa Group. She states that her motivation is from clients who recommend her and give her the spirit to keep pushing harder. To her, firing an individual is always a process which takes her time as she tries to give the individual time to be productive.

She Has a Passion of Being a Teacher

Would she not have been a radio presenter, then she would have become a teacher. Mutoko resents seeing the youths torn apart by jaws of poverty. She believes that good grades are not enough if the individual cannot apply them in the real life situation. If she were a teacher, she would emphasize more on skills.

Caroline Mutoko 1

She Has Never Been Broke

Even through her campus life which is the most challenging to many individuals, Caroline Mutoko never tasted the feel of being broke. This was achieved through her hardworking nature for she worked as a waitress in many of restaurants in Nairobi CBD.

A Weekly Columnist in The Star News Paper

One of her hobbies is reading. This coupled with the breakfast show hosting, gives her lots of information both current and past to share. It’s through the Star newspaper that she expresses her views on various issues.

Unmarried and A Mother of One Daughter

Mutoko has never been married but she’s a proud mother of one daughter. She adopted her back in 2011 when the child was only 8 months old. According to her, she only wants the best for her, and that is part of the reason she is very hard-working.

Caroline Mutoko 4

She Has Been a Radio Presenter for Over 14 Years

She started off her career at Capital FM where she worked for 4 years and late on moved to kissFM where she has worked for the past 10 years. This amounts to 14 years.

She Has a Stable Background

Caroline’s parents Mr. Criss and Mrs. Rose Mutoko are in their early 40th anniversary celebrations, depicting that they have lived as per their marriage vows. Mutoko has two sisters and a brother all who are well off showing the stable background behind her.

She Has the Nerves of Steel

From the above analysis, it’s clear that Caroline is always determined to achieve and will not let any obstacle hinder her.


To those who claim that African women are incapable of achieving amidst a competitive environment, Caroline Mutoko is a good living example to them. She is a lady who will not stop until she accomplishes her goals Indeed, she is an iconic figure for many young Kenyans that are struggling to make ends meet.