Caroline Mutoko In Her New Video “A Tantrum Gone Wrong”

Recently in Kenya, digital migration has been the trending topic with different people giving different opinions on the pros and cons. Well, it appears the benefits we can get from the recent digital migration scheme obviously outweighs whatever it is we think we have gotten from the analogue.

While some think Digital Television Broadcasting will offer sharper, brighter picture, and reduced interference which will help the viewers to enjoy improved sound quality, a lady decided to give a clearer view of what the benefits will be. No wonder, some TV stations have openly spoken against the new turn of events, asking for at a three-month delay at the least.

Meanwhile, it is important to recall that on Monday February 16, 2015, the former Kiss 100 presenter, Caroline Mutoko, has told the consortium that brings together NTV, KTN, Citizen TV and QTV to grow up and understand that Kenya is moving from analogue TV to digital TV. She spoke up asking them to get over that fact and to embrace it like every other reasonable Kenyan.

The former radio queen who is now a senior manager at Radio Africa took to YouTube on Sunday in a clip to pour out her thoughts concerning the actions of the TV stations. She said that it is immature for the four media stations to switch off both their digital and analogue signals when the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA)told them to switch off their analogue broadcast signal but maintain the digital one on Friday.

The four TVs switched off their digital signals on Saturday, depriving viewers on pay TV platforms like DSTV, Zuku, Startimes and GoTV from accessing them after CA switched off all analogue transmission following a court ruling on Friday.

Mutoko opined that digital migration is set to benefit many Kenyans and she called their actions the Tyranny of Success. She also asked the three media houses to embrace digital migration unless they wish to get suck behind  while others move forward.

“You can never resist an idea whose time has come!” Mutoko concluded.

Recently, the 21st century lady, Caroline Mutoko, released yet another video proving that she is not yet through with her strong hitting talk concerning the digital migration that has seen a nation-wide TV switch-off.

She started out from where she left off earlier in Tyranny Of Success, in her new video upload, as she further explains in details the benefits that will come with the migration.

Miss Mutoko also reminded media houses against the migration that we are not in the ancient times when the country used to depend only on one TV station to provide vital information. She views it as being unnecessary since the world is going global. She insists Kenya will move past such people this time around.

She further to emphasized that times have changed providing great opportunities for more healthy competition that will certainly diversify the kind of local content we have been used to. After watching the video below you could see that the benefits of digital migration is quite huge.

Here is the video titled A Tantrum Gone Wrong. Enjoy!

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