Caution: Somali Militants Are Plotting Another Major Attack Disguised As Peacekeepers

Somali militants are waging war against AMISOM soldiers as they make evil plan to hit the forces again. African Union has revealed that Al shabaab is plotting another major attack masquerading in stolen uniforms from soldiers in the El Adde attack.

The report came on Wednesday after the union took to twitter to alert the security teams.

According to the peacemaking Union, they had received information that al Qaeda-linked militants are plotting to serve another key attack in Somalia, while posing as AMISOM with their uniforms.

This calls for tighter security and vigilance as the militants may carry out their attack successfully if mistaken to be the real force.

The uniforms are said to be robbed by Islamist fighters when they attacked African Union AMISOM force camp last month.

An officer said,

AMISOM has information that due to panic Al-Shabaab have plans to masquerade as AMISOM and dress in AMISOM troop’s uniforms.

The terror group from Somalia has been planning to make a smart move against the forces dressed in the force’s uniforms.

The update on peacekeeping union’s Twitter account reads:

These uniforms were accessed from AMISOM camps in the past and disguised as such, AS (al Shabaab) are organising to carry out atrocities.

Al Shabaab lunched a horrendous attack on Kenyan soldiers serving with AMISOM on Jan. 15. As a result, the soldiers suffered heavy losses as they fled the camp.

The terror group later stomped the empty camp in the southern Somali town of El Adde, claiming they have seized the camp.

The group probably stole the belongings of the soldiers scattered about the scene.

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The militants also revealed they massacred more than 100 soldiers at the base close to Somalia’s border with Kenya. But the actual official number is yet to be established by Kenyan government.

Recently Al Shabaab militants allegedly forced Lamu women to prepare food for them. A senior police officer stated that al-Shabaab militants also conceal themselves in Boni Forest stomping some Lamu County villages near the forest, to oppress the women into preparing meals for them.

Al Shabaab has in the past year staged several strikes against African Union bases in Somalia, which is part of the reason most people call for withdrawal of foreign soldiers from the zone.

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