Chang’aa Brewer In Ruiru Sentenced To Death

A Chang’aa brewer has been sentenced to death for intentionally selling the poisonous drink causing the death of five people and disabling many others.

The illicit brew producer, identified as Jenifer Wanjiru, committed the offence on 11th September 2011 at Gitambaya village in Ruiru District within Kiambu County.

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She is alleged to have murdered Festus David Nzuki, David Karanja Nduati, Samuel Waweru Wanjiku, Julius Kariuki Mwangi and Jane Wambua Kamau.

The Chang’aa brewer was charged with eight counts of murder relating to the sale of ethanol which was lethal to her customers. She was found guilty of five counts out of the eight.

Jenifer Wanjiru apologized for her act when she was given time to speak. She pleaded with court to forgive her since she was a first time offender.

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Ms Wanjiru and her lawyer pleaded with the court to sentence her to time served to pay for her convictions. They pointed out that she was the soul bread winner of her family and was also in poor health.

Presiding over the case was High Court Judge Jessie Lessit. She said she had noted and considered the defense’s plea but maintained that the accused was very much aware of what she did.

The alcohol she sold to unsuspecting customers ended their lives, caused many others to be admitted in hospital while damaging lives or having negative effects in their health.

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Judge Jessie Lessit went ahead to note that the only sentence which is prescribed to murder is death.

The Court has given the Chang’aa brewer 14 days to appeal the death sentence if she is not satisfied with the judgement.